Peticure Elite

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By Kathleen Roberts

The Peticure Elite is a wonderful grooming tool that allows you to safely and quickly keep your dog's nails neatly trimmed without the discomfort of a clipper.

Similar to a Dremel, the Peticure rotary tool is designed to be used on any sized dog or even on other animals. When you first open your Peticure Elite, you’ll immediately notice that this is a quality tool, not just cheap plastic. You’ll also notice that some assembly is required. Don’t worry, it isn’t as hard as you might think.

First you’ll remove the plastic cap from the rotary tool. Then you just insert the drum to the correct length, tighten, screw on the Safeguard attachment and make sure everything is aligned properly. The Safeguard attachment keeps fur or clothing from getting caught in the rotating sanding drum while it captures nail shavings, preventing them from ending up all over the room or your clothes.

All of this is explained in the step-by-step, color-illustrated directions that come with your Peticure Elite. Unlike cheap competitors, Peticure also comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. Charge the battery for no more than four hours and you’re ready to get started.

Use lots of treats so your dog will think of nail grooming as a positive thing. Have patience. If your dog isn’t used to having her nails done, she may struggle or try to run away. If you spend a minute or two each day, over a period of several days, your dog will quickly learn that having her nails done isn’t so bad.

When you file your dog's nails, be careful to only file in three to five second intervals. This prevents over-filing as well as possible abrasions or friction burns. Filing in such short intervals makes it nearly impossible to trim too short, unlike using a nail clipper.

Soon you’ll see how easy it is to have nicely filed nails on your dog. You’ll appreciate no more scratches on you, your floors or your furniture. Even more than that, you’ll love not having to pay your vet or groomer to keep your dog’s nails neat and attractive.

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