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greenies1Greenies Dental Chews are a great way to treat your dog or cat while promoting dental health. Available in different sizes and flavors to fit your pet, Greenies have been recommended by veterinarians everywhere, including the Veterinary Oral Health Council, for good reason. With five sizes and textures to meet the needs of very small to very large pets, as well as a taste your pet will do anything for , you can feel good about giving your pet her daily Greenie.greenies2

Greenies help to control tartar and plaque buildup, which is essential to the health of your pet, as well as to the freshness of her breath. Thank goodness for no more doggie breath! The best part is that your dog does all the work. No more toothbrush; just give him a Greenie and let him have at it.

Greenies are not just for dogs, though. Cats love Greenies too! With five yummy flavors to tempt even the most selective palate, your kitty will enjoy this healthy treat as much as you enjoy her fresh smelling breath.

No matter if you are treating your dog or your cat with Greenies, you will feel good knowing that you are providing your fur-baby with much needed vitamins and minerals. Greenies for dogs and Greenies for cats have different nutritional content since, of course, different animals have different nutritional needs.

Definitely, give Greenies a try. You can even get a free sample at . Your pet will love them.


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