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Here is a real winner for your next family game night. Catopoly, from Late for the Sky, is the cat-lover’s version of the popular board game Monopoly by Parker Brothers.

Instead of buying real estate, you’ll buy cat breeds. You’ll also learn interesting facts about each breed with the trivia on each breed card. Some of the breed cards include the Egyptian Mau, the Somali, the Persian, the Manx, the Ocicat and many more. Adorable game pieces include a yarn ball, a fish, a sardine can, a milk bottle, a mouse and a tuna can.

Other game pieces include fish bones and litter boxes to replace houses and hotels. And instead of going to jail, you fall into water (oh no!) and lose three turns. Overall, you’ll find this game much like traditional Monopoly. It is tons of fun for cat-lovers ages 8 and up. If you find it to be a bit long like traditional Monopoly, just take a cat-nap and come back later to finish your game.

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