Burlington County Animal Alliance of PA

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Willingboro, NJ, 08046
United States
40° 1' 59.106" N, 74° 53' 8.8764" W
Cats, dogs
Serve Areas: 
Southern NJ and surrounding areas
Adoption Process: 
1. The application process begins with the Adoption Application. Anyone wishing to adopt must first fill out an Adoption Application Form. 2. Please be sure to fill out the Adoption Application completely. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 3. Upon receipt, your application will be reviewed by the foster home of the animal you applied for. If the application appears to be a good match for the pet of interest, then that person will contact you, via email or telephone. 4. A vet check, phone interview and home visit are required. The responsibility of BCAA is to adopt the animals we save into the best possible homes. 5. If you are in the process of changing veterinarians, we still require the name of your former veterinarian. This allows us to verify a history and habit of proper veterinary care. If you do not have a vet because this is your first animal you wish to adopt, then a personal reference is required. 6. Families with young children who apply to adopt a dog must have a secured fence in their yard. This requirement ensures the safety of the dog, by preventing him/her from running out into the street or otherwise leaving the yard. This also ensures the safety of the children, who might otherwise run after the dog into the street. 7. Please recognize that being first to apply for adopting a certain animal does not guarantee that you will be approved to adopt that animal. We do not work on a first-come first-served basis, but rather, try at all times to find the best match possible between the animal and adopting home. 8. Once you have submitted your application, please allow us time to process it. We are an all-volunteer group, so please be patient. 9. If the application review is favorable, we will contact you to schedule a time to come out to your home. The reason for the home visit is to make sure that you can provide a safe environment for the pet. We ask that other family members or people who live in the household be present so that we can meet them and answer any questions about pet ownership. 10. Once the home visit is completed and the adoption approved, we will contact you to schedule a time finalize the adoption, sign the BCAA Contract, and bring the animal to his or her new home. All placements are accompanied by follow-ups on the animal's progress from time to time. 11. If you meet the criteria of BCAA, please proceed here. Adoption Application **PLEASE NOTE: All adoptions are accompanied by an adoption contract, along with a set adoption donation. This donation is tax deductible and helps to defray the medical cost to get your companion animal ready for adoption. The adopter agrees on basic, reasonable ownership precepts, which include the dog or cat will live indoors, will not be used for working or fighting purposes, will not be altered cosmetically in any way, including declawing, and who will be returned to BCAA, the rescuer, should the dog ever need to be surrendered.
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