CritterCafe and Rescue

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Fruitport, MI, 49415
United States
43° 8' 19.8816" N, 86° 9' 17.9424" W
(231) 865-6021
rats, buns,degus,hamsters,birds,guineapigs,dogs,cats,one horse, etc.
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Adoptee in this shelter

Name Species Breed Gendersort icon Age
Jane, Dog, Dalmatian Dog Dalmatian
Daddy bunny, Rabbit, Himalayan Rabbit Himalayan
JeezLouise, Horse, Thoroughbred Horse Thoroughbred
Stanley, Bird, African Grey Bird African Grey
MissRachel, Cat, Domestic Long Hair Cat Domestic Long Hair Young
GeorgeOmally, Dog, Shih Tzu Dog Shih Tzu Adult
GeorgeOmally, Dog, Shih Tzu Dog Shih Tzu Adult
GeorgeOmally, Dog, Shih Tzu Dog Shih Tzu Adult
Nandaye, Bird, Parrot Other Bird Parrot Other
Little girl COCKATIEL, Bird, Cockatiel Bird Cockatiel
MANY(!!) BABY BUNS, Rabbit, Mini Rex Rabbit Mini Rex
SHIH-TZU(no name), Dog, Shih Tzu (medium coat) Dog Shih Tzu (medium coat) Young
PERSAIN FEMALE, Cat, Persian Cat Persian Adult
Crested-no name, Dog, Chinese Crested-Hairless Dog Chinese Crested-Hairless
PUPPIES, Dog, Feist / Beagle (short coat) Dog Feist / Beagle (short coat) Baby
Fiona, Cat, Domestic Short Hair (short coat) Cat Domestic Short Hair (short coat) Female Young
MommaTracy, Cat, Tortoiseshell (medium coat) Cat Tortoiseshell (medium coat) Female Adult
Abby, Rabbit, Bunny Rabbit Rabbit Bunny Rabbit Female
Clover-Princess, Rabbit, Lop Eared Rabbit Lop Eared Female Young
MissCleo, Cat, Calico / Tortoiseshell Cat Calico / Tortoiseshell Female Young