Hounds Haven

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Vail, IA, 51465
United States
42° 3' 33.372" N, 95° 11' 59.4564" W
(712) 269-6127
Dogs/Basset Hounds
Serve Areas: 
We serve all of IA, but are not limited to IA
Adoption Process: 
A pre-adoption questionaire is needed for ALL adoptions facilitated throguh Hounds Haven and can be found on each hounds bio or by clicking on the tab below FOR AN APPLICATION <Br><Br><form action="http://www.spoiled-rotten-pets.com/ape_files/dogq_basset.htm"method=get> <input type=submit value="HOUNDS HAVEN APPLICATION."> </form> <br><p> Your application will be sent directly to Hounds Haven and a representative from Hounds Haven will be in contact with you within a 24 hr time period! **Please understand we are all volunteers, with full time jobs in addition to loving and helping deserving Basset's, if it takes us a little while to get back to you once we receive your application please forgive us....we promise we will get to it within 24 hours and your application IS important to us :0)** Once Hounds Haven has verified your vet reference, discussed any issues that we may have with your application a Home Visit is REQUIRED for you to adopt from Hounds Haven. Trust us this process is harmless and is just a local rescue person coming to your home to make sure your home is where a hound will be safe and comfortable and loved for the rest of thier life. Once the Home Visit is completed and your application has been approved and you have had a chance to meet the dog, YOU ARE READY TO ADOPT :0) Adoption fees vary from animal to animal depending upon the veterinary care that has been provided to the animal while in the program. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please remember every animal for adoption through Hounds Haven Basset Rescue is fully vetted for their age and only needs routine preventive care. Dogs older then 6 months of age are heartworm tested. All dogs are kept on heartworm preventative. Every dog is vaccinated (age appropriate), and de-wormed, in addition to being spayed/neutered.
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