Shiba Scout Rescue

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Fort Collins, CO, 80525
United States
40° 32' 30.4224" N, 105° 2' 38.5872" W
(970) 690-2269
Dogs, Shiba Inu Purebred and Mixes
Serve Areas: 
Greater Denver Metro Area, Western Colorado, Southern Colorado
Adoption Process: 
So you have fallen for that oh so adorable foxy face and are ready to take home your very own Shiba. However, as cute as they are, Shiba Inus are not for everyone. You should fully research any breed fully before bringing it home. Shiba Inus can live anywhere between 13 to 16 years of age, so whether you are wanting to add a puppy to your home or a seasoned adult, this is a lifetime commitment being made on your part. When you have decided that a Shiba Inu is right for you and your family, you will want to contact us for an adoption application. We will ask that you get it filled out and returned to us either via mail or e-mail. As soon as we receive your application, one of our volunteers will review it and contact you either by phone or by email to go over your application and whether or not we have any dogs that would best fit your family and lifestyle. Keep in mind that although you may have your heart set on a specific dog that is available for adoption that it may not be the best match. Note: We do NOT place animals in homes where current pets are not properly vaccinated, spayed or neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so, or the animal is actively being shown in conformation. Responsible pet owners spay or neuter. Once we have determined that there is a Shiba that would best suit your needs we will arrange a time to come to your home for a house visit. The house visit not only allows for us to see where the dog will be spending most of its time, where they will sleep, where they will eat, the lay out of your yard (if applicable) and of your neighborhood, but also how you and your family interact with the Shiba that we bring over. It is very true that many animals will pick their owners and it is something we see often. The house visit is also a great opportunity for us to just chat with you in person and answer any additional questions that you may have. If the house visit goes well and you decide to adopt that particular Shiba, we will then ask you to wait until the next day before you bring your new friend home. We will usually meet you at a location seen as neutral to the dog, such as a local PetSmart (PetSmart is not affiliated with Shiba Scout Rescue). In the past when we first started, the dog would occassionally be left immediately following the home visit, which would actually stress the dog out quite a bit. From the dog's point of view, its Foster Mom just took it to a strange place and then left it with complete strangers! Waiting a day not only gives you the adopter another chance to make sure you are making a good decision, but it also allows the dog to recognize you the next day and look forward to going with you instead of being left or being taken out of its foster home by strangers. When you pick up your Shiba, you will be asked to fill out the Adoption Contract and pay the adoption fee in full and in cash. The amount of your adoption fee will be printed on your Adoption Contract and will act as your receipt for the amount paid. You will receive a copy of the Adoption Contract as well as any medical records that we have on the dog, including but not limited to, spay/neuter contract, proof of vaccines, veterinary wellness exams, etc. We will then also set up a time and store location for you to start your Professional Training Course with your local PetSmart which is included in your dog's adoption fee. All of our dogs come with a Professional Training Course and completion of the course is MANDATORY and proof of graduation MUST be received in the form of a copy of the dog's graduation certificate within 6 months of the dog's adoption, which is stated in the signed contract. After you and your new Shiba have gone home, your new life together only just begins. Shiba Scout Rescue and its volunteers will always be there to assist you with making the best choices for your Shiba and answering any questions that you may have as the years with your new companion go by. If a day were to ever come that you can no longer keep your Shiba that you have adopted to us, we will always welcome it back with open arms and an open heart. In fact, if such a situation were to ever occur, it is actually in the Adoption Contract that if a dog can no longer be kept by its original adopters that it MUST be returned to Shiba Scout Rescue. If you are interested in filling out an adoption application, please contact us
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Adoptee in this shelter

Name Speciessort icon Breed Gender Age
Kenta, Dog, Shiba Inu / Basenji / Mixed Dog Shiba Inu / Basenji / Mixed Male Young
KiiKii, Dog, Shiba Inu Dog Shiba Inu Male Adult
Kouin, Dog, Shiba Inu Dog Shiba Inu Male Senior
Nakimushi, Dog, Shiba Inu Dog Shiba Inu Male Adult