Florence/Lauderdale Animal Shelter

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702 E. College Street
Florence, AL, 35630
United States
34° 48' 8.7192" N, 87° 40' 4.6632" W
(256) 760-6676
cats & Dogs
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Adoptee in this shelter

Namesort icon Species Breed Gender Age
Rascal - ID#91491, Dog, Skye Terrier (long coat) Dog Skye Terrier (long coat) Male Adult
Rhett ID#87720, Dog, Shepherd / Mixed (medium coat) Dog Shepherd / Mixed (medium coat) Male Adult
ROCKY - PEN#87997, Dog, Manchester Terrier / Terrier (short coat) Dog Manchester Terrier / Terrier (short coat) Male Adult
Rose - ID#92810, Dog, Dachshund (short coat) Dog Dachshund (short coat) Female Adult
Rosie - ID#87665, Dog, Chihuahua / Terrier (short coat) Dog Chihuahua / Terrier (short coat) Female Adult
Rosie - ID#91759, Dog, Labrador Retriever / Golden Retriever (short coat) Dog Labrador Retriever / Golden Retriever (short coat) Female Adult
Rusty - PEN#6, Dog, Hound / Retriever / Mixed (short coat) Dog Hound / Retriever / Mixed (short coat) Male Adult
Sady - ID#90844 PEN#6, Dog, Shepherd (short coat) Dog Shepherd (short coat) Female Baby
Sally - ID#91320, Dog, Labrador Retriever (short coat) Dog Labrador Retriever (short coat) Female Baby
Sam - ID#91019, Dog, Beagle (short coat) Dog Beagle (short coat) Male Adult
Sammy - ID#88778, Dog, Shepherd / Husky (short coat) Dog Shepherd / Husky (short coat) Male Adult
Shelby ID#87411, Dog, Boxer (short coat) Dog Boxer (short coat) Female Adult
Skip, Dog, Husky Dog Husky Male Young
Sling, Dog, Shepherd Dog Shepherd Male Adult
SMOKEY, Cat, Domestic Short Hair Cat Domestic Short Hair Young
Snowy - ID#90982, Dog, Maremma Sheepdog / Labrador Retriever (medium coat) Dog Maremma Sheepdog / Labrador Retriever (medium coat) Female Adult
Sparky - PEN#5, Dog, Chihuahua / Manchester Terrier (short coat) Dog Chihuahua / Manchester Terrier (short coat) Male Adult
Sunny, Dog, Saint Bernard / Shepherd Dog Saint Bernard / Shepherd Female Baby
SUNSHINE, Cat, Domestic Short Hair / Tabby Cat Domestic Short Hair / Tabby Female Adult
Sweet Pea - ID#92394, Dog, Maltese (long coat) Dog Maltese (long coat) Female Adult