Midwest Dog Rescue Network

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12746 Forestdale Dr
Belleuve, NE, 68123
United States
41° 7' 7.6692" N, 95° 58' 7.4928" W
(402) 659-9208
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Adoptee in this shelter

Namesort icon Species Breed Gender Age
Foxy, Dog, Chihuahua / Pomeranian / Mixed (medium coat) Dog Chihuahua / Pomeranian / Mixed (medium coat) Male Adult
Gabby, Dog, Shih Tzu / West Highland White Terrier Westie / Mixed (medium coat) Dog Shih Tzu / West Highland White Terrier Westie / Mixed (medium coat) Female Young
Gidget, Dog, Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie (long coat) Dog Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie (long coat) Female Adult
Griffin, Dog, Doberman Pinscher (short coat) Dog Doberman Pinscher (short coat) Male Adult
Halee, Dog, Corgi (medium coat) Dog Corgi (medium coat) Female Adult
Harley, Dog, Brussels Griffon (medium coat) Dog Brussels Griffon (medium coat) Male Young
Harley, Dog, Cocker Spaniel (long coat) Dog Cocker Spaniel (long coat) Female Adult
Holly, Dog, Jack Russell Terrier (medium coat) Dog Jack Russell Terrier (medium coat) Female Young
Huck, Dog, Toy Fox Terrier (short coat) Dog Toy Fox Terrier (short coat) Male Baby
Juneau, Dog, American Eskimo Dog (long coat) Dog American Eskimo Dog (long coat) Male Adult
Kissie, Dog, Bichon Frise (medium coat) Dog Bichon Frise (medium coat) Female Adult
Korky, Dog, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Pembroke Welsh Corgi Adult
Lenny, Dog, Brittany (short coat) Dog Brittany (short coat) Male Baby
Leo, Dog, Miniature Pinscher (short coat) Dog Miniature Pinscher (short coat) Male Baby
Lexus, Dog, Weimaraner (short coat) Dog Weimaraner (short coat) Female Young
Lizzy, Dog, Shepherd / Boxer / Mixed (short coat) Dog Shepherd / Boxer / Mixed (short coat) Female Young
Lucy, Dog, Bloodhound (short coat) Dog Bloodhound (short coat) Female Adult
Maggie, Dog, Labrador Retriever / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat) Dog Labrador Retriever / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat) Female Young
Max, Dog, Pembroke Welsh Corgi (medium coat) Dog Pembroke Welsh Corgi (medium coat) Male Adult
Max, Dog, Shih Tzu / Lhasa Apso / Mixed (medium coat) Dog Shih Tzu / Lhasa Apso / Mixed (medium coat) Male Adult