Dixie Rio (& Simon), Rabbit, Rex / Bunny Rabbit / Mixed

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Rex / Bunny Rabbit / Mixed
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Bunny Rabbit
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This little girl was given to MHRR from a lady who had a whole litter dropped off at her doorstep with a note, plus daddy bunny! Though she wouldn't have minded keeping one or two, she was allergic, so it was vital that she get them out of her home quickly. Dixie Rio was adopted and found a boyfriend in Simon, but unfortunately their owner has had to move with college so they came back in the fall of '08. They were later adopted again, only to come back to MHRR once more when life became too busy to properly care for these guys. Here is their current mom's info on Simon & Dixie: Simon is a spunky, independent boy. He does not like to be held for long periods of time. He thumps his foot when put down then goes on his merry way. He has a really funny and pushy attitude. Dixie Rio (southern river) is very shy and cuddly. She can sit for hours on your lap while you watch tv or heck, she'll sit there by herself and watch it without you! Shes not a biter but may nibble on your finger if stuck in her face (which is normal). Shedoesnt like to hop as much but just snuggle up and watch theworld go by. The two are both altered and potty trained andwould have to stay together as they are very attached (iethey clean each other and snuggle together). They also loveto sit outside and feast on grass. Dixie's favorite food iscucumbers while Simon's is cherry tomatoes. They are analtogether fabulous pair! These guys are NOT tattooed. Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue asks a $50 adoption fee per rabbit, or $75 for a pair. We strongly recommend indoor homes for our adopted pets. All rabbits are now tattooed 'MHR' in the ear (while under anesthesia) and are spayed/neutered before they are adopted unless our veterinarian recommends against it because of age or illness. Each adopted pet comes with an adoption certificate and packet, as well as an adoption basket with a supply of their current diet and a toy. Adoption information and applications can be found at our website at http://www.magichappensrescue.com/adoptinfo.html. Want to adopt but can't? You can sponsor a rabbit, or help the bunnies in many other ways - see your website for all of our fundraisers.