Thumper, Rabbit, Mini Rex (short coat)

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Mini Rex (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
Mini Rex
Special Needs: 
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See Thumper's Homepage Thumper is a very active Bunny who enjoys climbing, jumping on things, playing with toys and shredding paper. He is not yet litter trained but is learning. He has free range of his very own room at his foster home and usually goes to the litter box to pee, though he does sometimes leave pellets. He is not destructive but as with all bunnies should not be left unattended around power cords or anything he could eat or climb into and be injured.Being that Thumper is so active, he should go to a home where he can spend as much of the day as possible roaming the house or at least time out of his cage. He needs a lot of activity and is not happy when confined to a cage all day. He enjoys being held and petted but gets antsy after a while because he is so active.Thumper is very easy going and may be fine around calm dogs or cats (never unsupervised!) and possibly older children but he will not be adopted as a pet 'for' children. He deserves to be a family member, not treated like a toy. He may live for another 10 years or more, so be ready to commit to him for the rest of his life when placing an application. He is sure to bring joy to any home!Thumper is neutered and microchipped, has a certificate of health and is ready to go to his new home! His diet consists primarily of timothy hay, with Oxbow and Mazuri rabbit pellets and fresh greens and veggies daily.__________________House rabbits are a lot of fun but please make sure you are ready for the commitment. Bunnies can live for up to 10 years when properly cared for, make sure you've included your new pet in all your plans for your future.In order to adopt a rabbit from STAR, you must either have prior experience or have a firm understanding of rabbit care. We will help you if you have any questions!!