Snow White (2), Rabbit, Florida White

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Florida White
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Florida White
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Snow White is a former 4-H show bunny from Raceland La. She retired in April 2005, and has been looking for a place to call home for over 3 years now!Snow is a 6yr old Florida White female, and a little on the larger side, weighing in around 7lb. She uses her litterbox quite well, only occasionally leaving a stray poop pellet. When it comes to being held, she was handled a lot during her showing days but has an independent personality and prefers to just hang out. She doesn't kick or scratch when being handled or petted, but would much prefer to be left alone. Snow REALLY enjoys sitting on top of her kitty condo, observing the world from her 'palace' of a hutch! In March 2008 we did some bloodwork to make sure this big girl was still healthy, and she couldn't be better. We also took an x-ray to check her runny eye (to see if it was a tooth root/sinus problem) but that came back clean also. Her runny eye doesn't usually bother her (and has not gotten infected in many months). She occasionally will need a scent-gland cleaning (a q-tip is all you need) as she is a little hefty and has a hard time keeping it clean on her own. :) Snow White is NOT tattooed.Snow White's ideal home would be a large hutch or setup with little interaction, but that would allow her room to hop about to keep her old joints limber. Although we don't advocate outdoor hutches, a large one with proper accomodations would be an ideal setup for Snow White.Snow White has been sponsored by Amy K. Thanks Amy!!Because of Snow White's unique personality, we are only asking a $30 adoptin fee for her. Normally Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue asks a $50 adoption fee per rabbit, or $75 for a pair. We strongly recommend indoor homes for our adopted pets. All rabbits are now tattooed 'MHR' in the ear (while under anesthesia) and are spayed/neutered before they are adopted unless our veterinarian recommends against it because of age or illness. Each adopted pet comes with an adoption certificate and packet, as well as an adoption basket with a supply of their current diet and a toy. Adoption information and applications can be found at our website at Want to adopt but can't? You can sponsor a rabbit, or help the bunnies in many other ways - see your website for all of our fundraisers.