Romeo, Rabbit, Florida White (short coat)

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Florida White (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
Florida White
Coat Length: 
Romeo was not found wandering in a park in New Orleans... he found people wandering the park! He hopped right up to the perfect person - someone savvy with bunny rescue! Romeo came to MHRR in Jan 2009.Romeo was brought to the vet by his founders, who had him neutered and his back teeth floated (trimmed. His front teeth didn't need it at the time, but they should be monitored. He was estimated by the vet to be about 3-4 years old... not a spring chicken, but lots of tread left on those tires! So far Romeo seems sweet and VERY friendly! He loves the girl bunnies but if given a chance to get at them, he's a bit overzealous. :p Maybe after his neuter kicks in he'll be more of a gentleman! Romeo can be very dog-like, so if you're looking for a bun with personality AND cute and cuddly, Romeo's your man.Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue asks a $50 adoption fee per rabbit, or $75 for a pair. We strongly recommend indoor homes for our adopted pets. All rabbits are now tattooed 'MHR' in the ear (whie under anesthesia) and are spayed/neutered before they are adopted unless our veterinarian recommends against it because of age or illness. Each adopted pet comes with an adoption certificate and packet, as well as an adoption basket with a supply of their current diet and a toy. Adoption information and applications can be found at our website at Want to adopt but can't? You can sponsor a rabbit, or help the bunnies in many other ways - see our website for all of our fundraisers.