Hope, Rabbit, English Spot / Dwarf / Mixed

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English Spot / Dwarf / Mixed
Primary Breed: 
English Spot
Secondary Breed: 
Read her rescue story Meet Hope a 7-8 months old, 4.3 lbs, spayed female rabbit. We think she may be a English Spot/Dwarf mix. An application is required, her adoption fee is $50.00. She is still a little shy, but sweet. She may prefer a pen, (if she can not climb it) but should be able to live in a large or multi-level cage, which is easy to understand when you read her story below. e-mail Debbie at dhbirdlover@yahoo.com for an application to adopt. Hope's story is what we call a 'real' rescue story. Two kids in the neighborhood saw her down by the Fox river & told me about her. She was obviously dumped there, as there are no houses. The area is almost an island and often when the water rises the river from both sides meet and this area is underwater. I prayed on the way over that if we located her we would catch her and be able to help her. We spotted her in the tall weeds (itch weed too) & several people we did not know came over to help us. There were about 4 adults & 3 kids helping to catch her. We tried for about an hour and a half & the park closed so we had to leave. One of the neighbors from across the river & a park district employee both said they had seen her out there for about 10 days or so. We set a live trap, but the next day they moved it, either not allowed or grass was being mowed, not sure what happened. A local animal control officier that a friend knows, was down there over the next few days seeing if he could find her, he could not. I set up a rescue mission for 3 days later & got a few volunteers to help. We had 5 adults, 3 kids, 3 fishing nets, some plastic fencing, and a plan. We organized and after about 30 minutes and hard work we got her to an area & netted her. She was wet & dirty, but other than hurting one nail a little bit she was in good shape. We named her Hope because we kept saying 'we hope we find her, we hope we see her, we hope we catch her, we hope she is ok, So after all that the name Hope seem to fit her. contact Debbie at dhbirdlover@yahoo.com to get an appl to adopt