SnowWhite, Rabbit, Californian

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Hi there; I'm Snow White. I'm a fairly young Californian girl. I don't know much about life before I came to Indy'CLAW / Recycled Rabbits, but I do remember a wire bottomed cage that hurt my feet and one day they pulled me out of the cage and carried me out to the street where they flagged down the dog catcher and told him to take me. Doc says I'm healthy and only about a year old. I love to be held and have my head rubbed. If you put me on the floor for my exercise time, I'll follow you around or run circles around your feet I had never used a litter box before but its pretty neat. I really like a poop free floor.All rabbits must have an adequate exercise area, whether it is an outside run or an enclosed area in the house. It is recommended that the rabbit hutch or cage be cleaned out weekly and any old food, bedding be removed every three days and special hutch disinfectants be used to prevent the spread of bacteria. Also, an earthenware food bowl and a drinking bottle will also be required to feed and water the rabbit. .Like the majority of rabbits, the most important component of the rabbit's diet is hay, a roughage that reduces the chance of blockages and malocclusion whilst providing indigestible fiber necessary to keep the gut moving. Grass hays such as timothy are generally preferred. It is recommended that rabbits receive a standard intake of 2 cups of chopped dark, green, leafy vegetables per 6 pounds of body weight (and up to 2 tablespoons of fruit or carrots per 6 pounds of body weight daily. Some of the vegetables that rabbits enjoy are romaine lettuce, escarole, turnips, collard, kale, parsley, thyme, cilantro, dandelion, and basil. The green, leafy tops of radish and carrots also are excellent sources of nutrients—more than the vegetable itself. New vegetables should be introduced slowly due to the delicate digestive systems of rabbits. It is recommended that cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage be avoided, as they cause gas and can lead to gastrointestinal stasis, which can be fatal. Vegetables such as potatoes and corn should also avoided due to their high starch content. Rabbits also require an unlimited amount of fresh water, usually provided for in a water crock, tip-proof ceramic pet dish, or hanging water bottle.IndyCLAW Rescue is founded on the premise of 'Creating Life-long Animal Welfare'. We do have an adoption contract and do home visits to ensure that this pet will be achieving a life-long home. We do not adopt to breeders or resellers.