Howie, Rabbit, American / Flemish Giant

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American / Flemish Giant
Primary Breed: 
Secondary Breed: 
Flemish Giant
Christine'sCritterCafe and (small animal) Rescue**Teaching outstanding people (and companies) small pet awareness and accountability through education** This very special rabbit was LET GO INTO THE WILD by an irresponsible breeder. He is a wonderful and beautiful big bunny that survived his ordeal and is now in a safehouse awaiting his forever home. He will need to be neutered or will be neutered but is adoptable to a good home that will let him stay inside and potty train him-feed him good bunny stuff(variety of fresh greens, good quality pellet and unlimited timothy hay) and LOVE him whilst showing him that some humans DO care. Bunny101 will be recommended but this sweetheart will make a wonderful pet for a bunny knowledgeable person!All of our bunnys will be house pets-all are fixed-all are littertrained and loving, very socialized pets. ALL are well checked by the vet-we expect any adopter to have a vet to continue doing well checks throughout a pet bunnys lifetime. Unlimited timothy hays and orchard grasses and a good quality pellet and 3 or more fresh greens per day is an optimal bunny diet and what we feed here at CritterCafeRescue...did you know a bunny has more tastebuds than YOU AND I? They ENJOY a variety of fresh greens perday. God bless our pets!M.Gandhi said 'The greatness of a nation and its MORAL PROGRESS can be judged by the way its animals are treated'.SPEAK UP FOR THOSE THAT CANNOT!