Granny, Horse, Thoroughbred (short coat)

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Thoroughbred (short coat)
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See Granny's Homepage Please call the foster parent listed below for information on the pet. UPDATE ON GRANNY (PLEASE SEE NEW PICTURES)I am a 23 year old retired racing horse. I came off the track many years ago, had many babies. I'm wind broke, and old. It's time for me to just eat and relax.My owner broke his leg and ( he's old too) he can't get around to feed or care for me. I just need some good feed, time, and kind words to get my weight back up. If anyone out there can donate any money, then poor old granny can get the quality care that she deserves. She's been on the racetrack, had many babies, and now just wants to retire with a full belly every night. PLEASE HELP. Granny has been slowly gaining weight and her spirit has truly improved! She talks every morning at 5:00 when she is being fed and wanders all over the 10 acre pasture with her other senior buddy. Anyone out there want to donate hay? Please do, Granny eats a lot. She's is 18 hands and LOVES to eat. There's a lot of horse here that still has a way to go. We are believing that she's going to make it. We still need any donations you want to give. HAY,HAY, and more HAY would be so appreciated right now!