Wonder, Dog, Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie

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Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie
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Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie
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Please contact k9resq@sbcglobal.net for more information about this pet. The best way to proceed is to request an application at k9resq@sbcglobal.net Calling for more information slows down the process! Born 7/18/08 No children under 8 Fenced yard required You must have another SMALL dog playmate, or be willing to adopt two. You must be willing to come to central Kansas; we do not ship or transport. PLEASE CONTINUE READING BELOW GENERAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION: This puppy has come from a kenneled environment and is much more comfortable with other dogs than with new people. He did not have the proper and necessary socialization normally given to puppies and had very little human contact, which will require more patience and understanding when adding him to your family. It is important to realize that there is ALWAYS a period of adjustment when adding a rescue dog to a family, which will take time and patience and understanding. Some require more time and patience than others and there may very well be an issue or two to work through in order to earn their trust and overcome their fears and lack of socialization. Being in a foster home is his first opportunity to learn to be a real dog. It will only get better once he gets a forever home of his very own where he will progress even faster and further, but it will not happen overnight, but the rewards will be so worth it! If you are willing to look past the possible initial fear and apprehension and give a former kenneled dog a chance, realizing they can and will adjust to the life of the pampered pet they were meant to be and should have been their entire lives, they will be the most grateful pet imaginable. They really are eager to please. Please remember, THERE ARE NO PERFECT DOGS, no matter what the background. Dogs generally become what you make of them through your efforts, love, patience, and understanding. And--if you are willing to overlook their slight imperfections, they will certainly overlook yours! Prior to adding a new dog to your family, please visit www.justdogbreeds.com to learn about the various personalities and characteristics which will assist in matching the right dog to your lifestyle. Our PETFINDER home page may answer any questions you have about our policies and practices. If you have specific questions about the dog not made clear in this listing, please feel free to ask, keeping in mind that the FIRST STEP TOWARD ADOPTION is to submit an application. Born 8/9/08. A fenced yard is required as is a SMALL dog playmate. Wonder is somewhat timid, so will need patience as he learns to be a real dog. We do process the applications in the order that they are received. We cannot guarantee any particular dog will still be available by the time we get to your application. We cannot respond to each application or keep you updated as we go along. We do not consider a dog adopted until the process has been completed and a contract has been signed. As long as the dog is still listed, it is still available and we are processing applications. As soon as a dog is adopted, it is removed from the list. If you apply and your application is approved, we will contact you. If you decide not to wait or find another dog, please let us know so we can go on to another application.