Keke, Dog, Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie

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Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie
Primary Breed: 
Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie
UPDATE: 06-29-08: KEKE'S VETTING COSTS ARE NOW: $1480.38! WILL YOU HELP HER PLEASE??? UPDATE: 06-09-08: WE HAVE RECEIVED $655.00 FOR KEKE'S CARE. THANK YOU!! UPDATE: 07-30-08: Keke is Keke. She is still having accidents but does not have a urinary tract infection, just needs to go out several times a day. Her ideal home would be someone who is home all day with her and willing to take her out often. She is getting along much better with her blindness. I took her to an event a couple of weeks ago and she wanted nothing to do with being in the stroller. She wanted down to explore things. I think the thing she likes most in life is food and sitting with you. UPDATE: 06-30-08: Keke is doing much better with her disability. She is learning to get around much better. She is still having accidents in the house but her UTI has cleared up. Update 06/04/08: Keke had a urinary tract infection a couple of weeks ago. She went back today because it had not cleared up. They took some blood and are putting her on another antibiotic so hopefully all is well with her. She is still looking for her forever home. This new home needs to be extra patient with her. She is still getting used to not being able to see. I think she would be best in a home with someone who is there all day. Update 02/20/08: Well my foster mom says I am definently one of a kind. I love to sleep and hate to be woken up. I get along fine with all my foster brother and sisters except Petey the Jack Russell he bugs me always jumping around and waking me up. I also love to eat and am very protective of my food around the other dogs. I love to sit with you and just relax. If I can't see you but can hear you I will bark. My favorite person in the whole world is my foster Daddy I sleep right next to him and want to be at his side all the time. I love my foster mom but not as much as my dad. I like to go for car rides. My coat is getting much better very shiney and silky. I don't mind getting brushed and am pretty good about the toe nails well that is as long as someone is holding me telling me it is OK. I am doing pretty good about pottying outside you just have to take me out. If you forget I may have accident. I use the potty pad when my foster parents are at work. I sleep in the bathroom in a nice soft bed when they are at work. Well thank you everyone for helping with my vet bills. Hopefully I will find a forever home soon. Keke's adoption donation is $150.00. Update 10/05/07: Hello, It's me, Keke. Just a little update on me. I have had a dental, spay and they have removed my tumors. I feel much better now with a clean mouth. My biopsy came back and the tumors are benign. YIPPEEEE!!!! I will still have to be watched but since the blood they took came back perfect they think I am ready to be adopted. I am around 10 years old. I love to be held and give kisses. I like to be the only one to be spoiled so I would be best in a single dog home or maybe a sister or brother. I am ok with others dogs but when food is involved I can get a little crabby or when I am being loved by you I may get mad. I'm a little skinny but starting to put on some weight. My hip was hurt a very long time ago so I have a little limp but I do not let it bother me my foster mommy says it makes me look cute because it looks like I am swaying my butt. I still can get up and down steps and around very good. I like to do for walks and car rides. My coat is very silky and I do not mind getting my nails cuts. My foster mom can do it all by herself, which is not the case for most of my foster siblings. I like to get brushed too as long as there is no knots but if you brush me regularly they come right out. I have cataracts in both my eyes but I still get around and can hear real good (love the sound of the can opener). Well if you have anymore questions about me please email my foster mom. I will use the paper when my foster mom is at work. I just need to be reminded to go outside when you are home but if you tell me and take me out I am a good girl. UPDATE: 09-27-07: Keke is now back in her foster home recovering from her surgeries. We will know that status of her tumors in a few more days. Thank you for the prayers and donations for this precious little lady! Keke is a 10 y/o dog that was rescued from a shelter. The vet feels that she has spent her whole life making puppies. She has two large mammary tumors and is in desperate need of a dental. She also has bilateral cataracts. The vet feels that she can be fixed and made comfortable with surgeries and can live out the rest of her life a happy little Yorkie. She is scheduled for surgery today- 9-24-07 if you can help with her expenses we would appreciate this greatly! For more information, contact my foster parents at To fill out the adoption application for Keke click here.