Ralphie, Dog, Toy Terrier / Terrier / Mixed (short coat)

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Toy Terrier / Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
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Toy Terrier
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Description & Message from Foster Mom: Ralphie was a stray that was picked up by Bay County Animal Control (BCAC). I met Ralphie at Pet Smart, he was there at an Adoption Event (8/16/08)... looking for a forever home. Ralphie was not adopted and returned to BCAC. He as soooo cute I could not get him off my mind, knowing what his fate was going to be soon….I picked him up to foster on 8/21/08. Ralphie was coughing badly but I took him home and placed him on' precautions' contact and droplet. Ralphie went to the vet the next day, it was felt he had kennel cough. Over the weekend Ralphie did not eat or drink… lost weight , went form 8.4 pounds to 6.2 on Tuesday when I took him back to the vet. He received 500cc Normal Saline , nebulizer treatment with sterile saline & coupage was ordered 3 times a day ans his antibiotic was changed. It was felt that he had pneumonia. Ralphie returned home with me and received fluids nightly for the next 9 days and a vaporizer was borrowed to keep in his room.. Ralphie struggled to breathe. He returned to the vet without any improvement, he continued with no appetite, daily fluids (500cc), nutracal, nebulizer treatment & coupage... There was not anything different offered for his treatment program, thus he consulted another vet for an opinion. I was afraid that it would be suggested that he be humanely euthanized… this was not the case, (this sweet little boy was struggling to breathe but continued to wag his tail when talked to)… a change in antibiotics was given… he returned to his room, still on contact/ droplet precautions My stepfather went to my house EVERY day while I was a work to walk Ralphie and encouraged him to eat (hand feed him), some days he could walk just a few feet.. Ralphie started improving after about 4 days and received nebs, coupage, & fluids for 1 more week. Raphie is still on meds but this will be over next week. He is eating well and now weighs 10.5 pounds. He is being allowed around other dogs… gets along with the other 5 dogs at my house. He has made a remarkable recovery and will be neutered in approx 2 weeks. He is heart worm negative. Ralphie needs a FOREVER HOME. This home must be one that will give him the care, love, heart worm prevention, & affection that he deserves… he fought hard to survive. Ralphie will be at Pet Smart this Saturday. 10/18/08, conducting his interview for a new home… he does NOT like cats. Please pass this message on… Ralphie had many people praying for him… I believe this is why he is ready to start the interviewing process. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT RALPHIE, PLEASE CALL: 850-230-9556 OR EMAIL US AT: BEACHCATRESCUE@GMAIL.COM