w3c23-07-02, Dog, Terrier / Mixed

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Terrier / Mixed
Primary Breed: 
We are open to the public to view the shelter dogs and fill out applications on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00 and Saturdays from 11:00-1:30. Once your application is approved, the adoption fee is a $125.00 prepaid receipt from the vet of your choice towards the cost of altering the dog and a $10.00 microchip fee.These dogs are picked up as strays. Nothing is known about their background but we will tell you as much as we know about their time spent with us. Please do not call Vector Control to inquire about adoptions. If you would like more info on this pet please e-mail doggiebarb@verizon.net and I will give you as much info as I can. All breed ID's, ages and size dogs will reach as adults are estimates and are not guarentees. Thank You for your interest in a pet in need of a home. ****NOTE**** We do NOT know how this dog is with cats, there are no cats housed at this shelter. Yes, we adopt out of state providing you have an approved application. In order to be approved for out of state adoptions you MUST provide a vet reference and own your own home. We do NOT ship pets and require all family members as well as other family dogs to meet the new pet. We do not adopt outside of the US. All other info as to hours and directions are on our web page which can be reached by clicking the link below. WE DO NOT ADOPT TO FAMILIES WITH UNALTERED PETS. We do require a vet check and if you do not have a past or present vet that we can speak with on how you cared for your pets, then we do require a home visit. Please visit our homepage for more information by clicking here Please fill out the on-line application if you are interested in adopting this pet.click here for an APPLICATION.