Isabella, Dog, Terrier / Mixed

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Terrier / Mixed
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Isabella came from a home in Georgia where her owner was threatening to shoot the dogs because he couldn't be bothered with them anymore. 13 dogs were removed from the property and split up among a few different rescues. We have RJ, Georgia, Flash, and Isabella. We really don't know exactly what breed the dogs are, they all have different looks. April 11th - Before arriving at her foster mom's house, Isabella made a quick stop to Doggie Heaven grooming salon for a much needed bathing and pampering (thank you Tami!). She was a sport through it all and arrived at her foster mom's sporting a pretty new bandanna and smelling nice. Isabella is shy to new experiences but, with a little patience, comes around very quickly. We imagine that she and the others were never introduced to leashes, toys, biscuits, car rides or furniture. It's sad to think that almost the first year of her life was spent outside, getting little attention, and probably no love at all. We have promised her and her siblings that we will make sure they experience what it's like to be loved and treated like a member of a family while we find them their own new forever families. Update 6/25- Isabella is a sweetie pie. She's full of love! She's great with other dogs and fine around her foster family's cats. She has been spayed and is up to date on shots. She's come a long way and loves trips to the bark park, walks around town and in parks! She's still fearful of men and sometimes putting her leash on, but is making steps in becoming more confident. She loves to give kisses and cuddle. She follows her host mom around devotedly and is the sweetest companion. Update 8/2 - Isabella does very well on a leash now. She has temporarily moved to a new foster home and has quickly bonded with the husband. Izzy has become more comfortable around new people and new situations. She rides vey well in the car. She loves to play with other dogs and it is fun to watch her run around the yard at lightening speed. She's a very sweet pup who can easily melt the hearts of those who meet her. Update 8/9 - Isabella is baffling. If only she could communicate! She is back at my house (I'm her original foster). She is very wary of men. She was doing well for a few days in her last foster home but then turned very timid and would not come in from the outside if the man of the house tried to get her to come in and she wouldn't enter any rooms he was in. HIs loud excited voice while watching a game on TV one evening triggered Isabella's fear issues and brought them all back again. Isabella is going to need a special home, one with at least one other dog that she can play with and bond with, preferably a young female dog. She loves to wrestle and sleep with my 8 month old female lab mix. She could care less about my male dogs. She's great with cats. Beause of her tendency to become nervous in loud situations, she should not go into a noisy household with kids and men. The best placement for Isabella will be with a female owner who has a gentle voice and touch, and patience, who is willing to work with Isabella and give her the reassurance she needs that not all humans are bad.