Kinu Kokuto, Dog, Siberian Husky (medium coat)

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Siberian Husky (medium coat)
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Siberian Husky
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Hi I’m Kinu Kokuto, but you can call me Kinu or New new. If you think the candy I’m named after sounds sweet you should meet me. My foster Mom said as soon as she read the ingredients in the candy she knew that had to be my name even though she says I’m way sweeter than the candy. You may be asking how such a sweet, beautiful young girl like me ended up in rescue. Well my first owner purchased me on a whim after I melted her with my stunning looks and personality. Unfortunately she had forgotten how much work a young pup like me can be. It had been 15 years since she had raised her last pup. She also said something about she had aged a lot in those 15 yrs but I think she was just fine. She really loved me and realized that she couldn’t give me all that I needed to be raised to my “full potential”. So she made the unselfish decision to turn me over to rescue. Ok, so I am a bundle of energy, but I burn a lot of that off playing with my foster brothers and sisters. When I’m not playing with the other dogs, I love to spend my days digging in the yard, chasing birds, squirrels and chipmunks and watching the kids play in the park behind my foster home. Don’t worry I will tell you all about my day every chance I get, as I LOVE to talk.If she could get a word in edgewise, word in, my foster mom would tell you that I’m crate trained, (although I’ll give you a good sample of my voice when I first go in), and I’m also housebroken. I’m currently attending Puppy Kindergarten and learning Sit, Down, Stand, Leave it and how to walk nicely on a leash. I’m doing pretty good if I must say so myself. I do have some bad habits that I’m trying really hard to break but it’s tough. (I like to counter surf and I LOVE to eat the toilet paper off the roll. Hey I’m a puppy, what can I say?) Oh and I love cats, but probably not in a way that you would think is good. I like to chase them and I “play” very rough with them, so a home without cats is a must for me. My “Mom” says I have a lot of attitude and that I’ll need a home with a lot of structure if you don’t want me running the household. If this sounds like your home why not make it mine too. I’d love to come and see if you can handle the challenge! Age: 5 Months Sex: Female Eyes: Blue Altered: Will be! Weight: Still Growing ! Adults: Wanna be my friend? Kids: She seems fine with kids Dogs: PLAY PLAY PLAY! Cats: NO WAY! Energy Level: HIGH ENERGY ++ Fence: SIX FOOT and secure!