Aurorite (Rori), Dog, Siberian Husky (medium coat)

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Siberian Husky (medium coat)
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Siberian Husky
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Hi, my name is Aurorite, but my friends call me Rori. Although I look so little and innocent, let me tell you, I really can roar! If things don’t go the way I want, I ROAR. I have to admit, I can have a bit of a temper, but my foster brothers and sisters are teaching me to keep it in check.I may be small but I do my best to keep up with the big dogs when I get to go out and play with them. My foster Mom insists on coming out to keep an eye on me but I keep telling her I AM a big dog. After all I’m crate trained and only cry sometimes for a minute or two when I have to go to bed and I sleep all night. I’ve even been known to put myself to bed a few times when I was really tired.I also know that I have to go outside to go potty. OK, so I’ve had a few accidents but mainly because my foster parents weren’t picking up on my signals or paying close enough attention to me. Now that I’m big, I can go in and out of the doggie door when I need to go potty but sometimes someone has to remind me to use the doggie door instead of just standing by the door. Foster mom writes:I can attest that all Rori has said is true. She knows sit, down and paw, of course if you have food to offer her. She’s a smart little girl who is going to need a home that is very knowledgable about the Siberian breed. She hasn’t met a dog she doesn’t like and feels that all dogs, big or small, young or old, are there to play with her. So far she seems to be good with cats too, just wanting to play, but I’d say the cat would need to be dog savy. She will require at least a 5 ft fence since she already is putting her paws up on the fence when she sees something outside of it that she wants. It wouldn’t surprise me if she turns out to be a fence climber as she will attempt to climb on whatever it takes to get to things she wants in the house. She also LOVES to dig, so a dig guard around the fence is also recommended. Rori would do good in a home with at least one other active dog or would require a fairly active family to keep her entertained and tired. As the saying goes, a tired puppy is a good puppy. Are you ready for the Rori challenge?UPDATE: Hey, everyone, Rori here. Just thought I'd take a minute or two to update you all on how things have been going for me. As you can see I'm growing big and strong. I get lots of exercise trying to get my foster brothers and sisters to get off their lazy butts to play with me. Most of them don't want to be bothered but my one foster sister is only a year older than me and she loves to play as much as I do so we play and play then play some more. I'm so grown up now, I've got all my big doggie teeth, but I still love to chew on things. I especially love to steal shoes and slippers, they taste really good. I've been trying to catch some bunnies, birds and ground hogs, I hear they taste good too, but so far none of them have left me catch them. My foster Mom says my 'prey drive' is very high. I think she's going to try to change that. She says I have an appointment to 'get fixed' soon. The other dogs here say 'getting fixed' is what everyone gets here for their 6 month birthday. I don't know, I think I'd rather just get a new toy. Well, I've got to run. Lots more playing still left to do today.