Dylan and Deon, Dog, Shih Tzu / Poodle (Toy) / Mixed (long coat)

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Shih Tzu / Poodle (Toy) / Mixed (long coat)
Primary Breed: 
Shih Tzu
Secondary Breed: 
Poodle (Toy)
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Before you read about these two wonderful, happy, healthy babies that are going to available very soon, I would ask that you go to the site below and read this article and then do more of your own research on the problems with over-vaccinating and how combining several different modified live virus serums together can be. If you truly care about your pets' health and happiness, you will keep researching and reading and will not be fooled into thinking you are protecting your pets any further. http://www.thedoctorwithin.com/dogvaccines/They-Shoot-Horses-But-Vaccina... THESE PUPS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL January 31st, I will be providing the single serum vaccines (which must stay refrigereated at all times) to each family that adopts one of these babies and will be happy to provide more information and answer questions. History on these babies: I received a call 7 weeks ago from a family who had a young Shih Tzu female (first heat cycle pregnancy). She said the pups had severe diarrhea and were listless and not nursing from mom. They could not afford to take them to the vet, but were given my name to call for help. I headed down-state to see what was going on and was shocked to see the condition of the pups. Mom was skin and bones and did not know to stimulate the babies so they could urinate and deficate. The pups were a week old and in rough shape and were spewing watery diarrhea. I had taken sub q fluids with me just in case and started the pups on them immediately. The owner of the mom had no clue that they needed to assist with the pups. I knew a couple of the pups were going to need more than what I could do at my house and took them to my vet immediately. They gave them sub q fluids and antibiotics and sent them off. That night two of the babies crashed and I took them to an emergency vet clinic at which time the babies were admitted and stayed for several days. The two pups made it, but the little girl (runt) had to be on special meds for the last month. She will be staying here until we are given a clean bill of health, which she may never get as she was dehydrated to the point that there could be serious organ damage. Over the past several years, I have been doing a lot of studying, research and talking to top breeders around the country and have joined in following this new vaccination protocol for my own dogs and for my rescue pups. I love my rescues just as much as my own dogs and I want them to be happy, healthy and not suffer a life full of health issues. As it is so important that the puppy not be stressed when they receive their specific vaccines (I will discuss this with you privately), that someone in your family or circle of friends that knows how to administer shots will be needed. Car trips and vet clinics stress puppies out so much, that we are putting them in jeopardy. I can't tell you the number of healthy, happy babies that I have dragged to my vet to get their first shots and they were puking and shaking all the way there and while in the vet clinic. I obviously did not know what I know now and I am sick that I was not aware of what I was doing to these babies by trying to do what I thought was right. The mother Shih Tzu will be spayed and her retained baby teeth will be removed and she will be returned to her family as they were basically good people and their kids truly love this little girl. She is a very nice dog and I've been told that it was the neighbor's toy poodle (mom is Buff colored and dad is white)who is the daddy. (All of these pups are either solid black or black with a little white on them). By looking at their wavy coats, I would agree that there is Poodle involved. I also have recommendations for good puppy and dog food and will be discussing this with you at length if you are interested in one of these puppies. Requirements to adopt: (Must understand and be committed to why we must go back to single serum vaccines and to STOP before theystart to do damage. 1. A fenced in yard is a plus --- if no fenced in yard, then I need to know your plan will be for potty training. These pups should be under 10 pounds as adults and would be very good candidates for pee pads and not have to go outside to potty. 2. Someone home most of the time. 3. NO LARGE HUNTING OR AGGRESSIVE BREED DOGS IN THE HOME. Adoption fee is $400 for each puppy which will help cover a portion of the costs of the veterinarian expenses for mom and her pups. Dylan is the solid black puppy who may turn silver or buff with age and Deon is the black and white puppy. Dylan is very outgoing and will be a great kids' dog. Deon is a little more reserved, but will be fine once he is settled in his new life.