Shika (Michigan), Dog, Shiba Inu (medium coat)

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Shiba Inu (medium coat)
Primary Breed: 
Shiba Inu
Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut with White
Coat Length: 
To be considered for adoption you must complete the SIRA Adoption Application available on our website. Read about our adoption policies and proceedures at If you have any questions please email Key Info: * 6 years old * Red Female * 35 lbs. * Spayed, UTD & Microchipped IL, WI, IA, IN, MI Placement PreferredSponsor me!For information please email admin@savingshibas.comShika is being fostered by Christine in Stevensville, MI. For more information please email Shika!January 06, 2009Shika is an amazing puppy mill survivor. After 6 years of breeding many litter of pups, Shika was rescued and welcomed into a warm home with lots of other furry Shiba's. Shika gets along well with other dogs, although she doesn't really interact with them much. She's still pretty skittish, and anything new takes some time for her to get comfortable. Shika loves her crate, and given a choice, will spend most of her time there. She takes regular excursions out of her crate to take one of the dogs toys, a sock, anything that she thinks would be great to have in her crate. She doesn't destroy those items, but just likes to have them lose. She enjoys having items to chew on, and likes to come out of her crate for attention when one of her people sits down near her. She loves the petting and scratches that she gets from her people, and joins the other dogs for attention.Shika will walk on a leash, but is skittish around traffic, or anything that she doesn't recognize. She does better in areas like trails, where she can investigate, but doesn't have loud traffic sounds to startle her. Shika continues to come out of her shell, but after years of living in a cage, and never experiencing grass, and freedom, and love, will need a patient person that lets her learn at an easy pace. She has not had any accidents in our house, and would do well with a fenced in yard where she can go outside, have her freedom, and then return to her home. We have started taking her to classes to get additional exposure to other people and dogs, and we are working on some basic commands. If you are a patient and loving person, and are looking for a low maintenance dog that just wants to be warm, secure, and adapt to a normal life at her own pace, then Shika is the girl for you. She is very sweet, and we're looking for just the right people to become her forever family.