Esme (Illinois), Dog, Shiba Inu (medium coat)

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Shiba Inu (medium coat)
Primary Breed: 
Shiba Inu
Special Needs: 
White with Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut
Coat Length: 
To be considered for adoption you must complete the SIRA Adoption Application available on our website. Read about our adoption policies and proceedures at If you have any questions please email Key Info: * 6 years old* Cream Female * 25 lbs. * Will be Spayed, UTD & Microchipped prior to adoptionIL, WI, IA, IN, MI, MO Placement Preferred Sponsor me!For information please email Esme is being fostered by Jenifer in Manteno, IL. For more information please email Meet Esme! December 04, 2009Esme is an very special Shiba girl that is looking for her perfect, patient, loving forever home. She was released from a puppy mill along with 3 other Shibas, including her puppy Nessie. She is learning to adapt to life outside of a puppy mill and so far she has made some pretty big steps. When Esme first came to us we suspected she was either pregnant or had pyometra. After a thorough exam by the vet, thankfully neither was the case. However, Esme definitely needed to drop some weight. She's already trimmed down quite a bit and only has a few more pounds to go! Esme thrives on the companionship of other dogs. She brightens up considerably when she has another dog to snuggle up with. She is also very tolerant of playful dogs. Esme will fit into a house hold with just about any other type of friendly dog. She has also not shown any prey drive so a home with cats or small pets would probably be fine for her as well. Esme is leaning that people are not bad. She is still very nervous but she is getting less so all the time. Initially she would shut down completely, freeze up, and disassociate herself. Now, although she still scuttles around, she is getting more use to being handled. She has even taken treats from our hands! We found that she really liked the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. For a puppy mill dog this is a very big deal! Esme is also working on leash training. She needs to be walked on a harness for two reasons. First is that she can slip out of almost every type of collar, even limited slip ones. The second reason is that she is much more comfortable being walked on a harness. At first she would lay on the ground an refuse to move, but after just a few weeks she is feeling confident enough to walk in the yard. It won't be long before she is feeling confident enough to go for walks through the neighborhood. Esme needs a family that is patient and willing to help her learn what it means to be a pampered house pet. She will make progress and learn at her own pace. Her forever family will need to look for and appreciate the small victories she makes; playing with a toy when no one is looking, sitting at your feet, going for longer and longer walks, taking treats from your hands, eating her dinner when you are in the room. She is going to make the right family an amazing dog!