Max-Rowan Co, Dog, Shepherd / Mixed

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Shepherd / Mixed
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5-5-07 This is our precious Max. He is the poor soul who we saved from Rowan Co shelter. This boy had been severely attacked by 6 other young, aggressive dogs who he had been locked up with. He almost lost his life. He laid for atleast 2 days on the hard concrete of the shelter run while infection and MAGGOTS set in. This boy was unable to walk or even stand when we stumbled upon him. He would scream out in pain to any touch....the shelter workers and county judge executive let him lay like this for 2-3 days with NO VET CARE or treatment as they walked by his kennel daily to feed and water and clean. This boy is approx 12 yrs old, and has few teeth to even defend himself against this attack. Max is currently in vet care, and has a long recovery ahead. We are asking for help to cover the extensive cost of Max's bill. He is now stable, but will need much more treatment and might possibly have to have one of his legs amputated. Any help is greatly needed and apreciated. Thank you to all who have helped and supported Max!!!! 5-20 UPDATE: Max is now home and doing better. He is currently trying to use his injured leg, so we have hopes that he will not loose this leg! He is improving with each passing day and though he has a long road ahead, he is a fighter, and we have faith he will overcome this and go on to have a wonderful new life with us. He has a forever home with his rescuers, and wll never have to worry about being homeless or injured ever again. We want to thank all the people who have helped and supported Max through this time, and I wish he knew how many people he had praying for him! He is getting stronger with each passing day and we are still amazed at his will to live. Max is going to be under going regular follow ups with Tri County Animal Clinic in Louisa, KY. If anyone would like to make a donation toward his furutre treatments, please contact us for clinic info. Thanks again to everyone who has supported and prayed for this boy! He has certainly overcome the odds!