Roxy, Dog, Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)

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Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
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Brown/Chocolate with Black
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Roxy was adopted out from us as a pup. She is returning b/c they do not have adequate fencing for her. It is old and when she jumps up with her front feet on the fence(wooden 4-1/2 feet) the fence is falling down. She weighs 65 pounds and 1-1/2 years old. She loves other dogs. She is excellant with children, there are 2 in the home, a 7 year old and a 2 year old. She is also in the home with a cat and is great!! although sometimes wants to play with it. She is crate trained but has been allowed free reign at night for the last 2 weeks at night and when they are not home and has done great!! She loves toys. She does not chew anything inappropiate when she has her toys. She asks to go out when she needs to go. Roxy is a great family dog and is looking for a family that will love her as a member of their family and in return will show you what a great dog she is. I feel having a 6 foot privacy fence would be the best for her b/c she can get her front feet up on a smaller fence. I want to see Roxy go into a home with another dog she can play with b/c she truely loves other dogs and playtime. Here is what her family has to say about her: About RoxyShe is a wonderful dog that loves other dogs, cats, and children. She loves to play with her rope toy, balls (soccer is her favorite), and stuffed animals that she is given. She is crate trained, house broke, but doesn't like our fence. She barks when strangers approach, but friendly to strangers. She loves to run and play outside, but sleeps in the house. On cold days, she only goes outside to go potty, and may play a little, but is happy to come back in where it is warm. In the summer, her coat is trimmed, to help keep her cool. She loves other dogs of all sizes, and is easy to get along with. My children play with her. She is very tolerable of my 2-year-old who lays on her in the evening. When stepped on, she will growl, but has never bitten or snapped at a person. She knows when she has done something wrong, and sulks about it. Her stomach is very sensitive, so she is not given anything other than her food, and a raw-hide no more than once a day; otherwise she gets very gassy. She loves to ride in the car, and even enjoys visiting the vet. We are sad to give her up, but our fence is no longer keeping her in our back yard, and we live on a busy street, so we are unable to keep her. She does mind, and knows the sit and stay commands. When told to sit use the hand signal, which is putting your fist up in front of your shoulder, to help her understand; that is what she was trained to know. Don't let her size fool you, she is really a small puppy at heart. She is one of the best dogs our family has ever had, so please take extra special care of her. She needs to know that she has unconditional love, and is part of the family.