YOGI, Dog, Samoyed / Golden Retriever / Mixed

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Samoyed / Golden Retriever / Mixed
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Golden Retriever
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Loneliness makes sadness and often sadness creates an exterior of grumpiness. He is old and considered a burden. He sits alone in his room day after day. He tried giving of himself to others, but his coat was dirty and he was unkempt and somewhat smelly. He was shunned when he reached out, so he no longer reaches out. He sits alone in his room, day after day, year after year. He watches other interact with happiness all around him. It hurts even more. The highlight of his day is the ‘meals on wheels’, when he has a few moments to share with someone who cares. But those moments are brief because there are so many others awaiting their moment of feeling special too. All alone surrounded by others. So many know the feeling all too well. This is Yogi’s story, but it could very well be something others can relate to. Yogi is a dog; old, once abandoned and now living out his life all alone in a crowd. If you can relate to this story and you have the capability to have a somewhat large old canine boy in your life and home, please contact Perry’s Orphans. Yogi has felt so much neglect in his life. He so needs someone to give him that special love that he has never known. Someone with patience, understanding and older dog experience. He was heartworm positive when he came into rescue quite some time ago. He is now HW neg. but because of the severity, he does need special considerations......... Because of his sad life, Yogi is cautious. He gets frightened if penned up and left alone. He is picky about which dogs he likes and he is not fond of cats. He is just a big 11 year old lump of fur who desperately needs someone to love him in his twilight years.. Just like we all will. Please, if you like big old four legged fur balls, please call and make arrangements to meet Yogi. Do you want to see more pictures of me? Just email my rescue and they will be more then happy to share my other pictures with you. If you are interested in having me join your family please email my rescue, they will be happy to tell you how to bring me home.