Elliott, Dog, Retriever / Mixed

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Retriever / Mixed
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I am what you might call a benevolent rescue. Pretty big words for a seven month old pup, don't you think? Hopefully that makes you think that I am really smart. Thing is I am not a Golden Retriever, I think I am some kind of a retriever cause I love to retrieve things! I was with another rescue and they ran out of room and couldn't keep me anymore. So here I am, I would like to find a home with maybe another dog who could help me grow up and show me how to act like a Golden Retriever. Update: So much for benevolent rescue! I am now over a year old and still hangin out here. They finally gave me a job, or maybe it was just time to work for my keep. I am the play dog...I play with all the newcomers and make them feel at home, I love to play with the other dogs and whom I have played with and helped get home is like a list of Homeward Bound Who's Who! nice resume, except for the fact that I am still here. There is another dog here who has been here way too long and we are best friends. I am throwing this out to you, cause I still believe in miracles.....If you qualify as a Homeward Bound family my friend Becca an I can come live with you without you having to pay a big donation....we have a fan club willing to sponsor us, but you have to be serious about loving us both forever! I just heard that the offer stands for either one of us....but it would be fun to be someone's instant family together! If you are interested in adopting a Homeward Bound Golden, would like to see pictures and for additional information, please go to www.homewardboundgoldens.org If you would like to adopt this dog or any other HBGRR dog, please go to www.hbgrr.org where you can complete an online adoption application, read more about the adoption process and even read some success stories!