Keegan, Dog, Rat Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier / Mixed

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Rat Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier / Mixed
Primary Breed: 
Rat Terrier
Secondary Breed: 
Jack Russell Terrier
Home with kids: 
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
Keegan is one of those dogs that you really can't explain and give him enough justice. However, I think when every one in our rescue group is attracted to him, it just goes to show that spending time with this little fella can melt your heart. Many have said, 'There is just something about, Keegan.' He is a total hoot. At first meeting with a stranger, Keegan can seem to be a threat. In fact, if he is not over-seen with strangers, he could become scared and nip at heals. However, once he is introduced to new people that come into his home, it does not take our little buddy long to warm up to them. In fact, after the initial excitement is over, you will have a hard time getting Keegs out of your lap. All this little man wants is attention from people. This amazing terrier mix does not receive alot of attention from his pictures even though he has very neat features, but everyone who has come into my home has become very fond of him and his humorous way that he tries to talk to us. 'Any day now.....' that's what we all say...he will eventually spit out a word and leave us all speechless. Keegan's foster mom likes to refer to him as her little miniature pit bull. He is a confident dog and can be very intimidating, but all he really wants is to sit in your lap, give kisses and play with his care taker. He is a great watch dog who will bark when he hears a noise outside, but he is not a constant barker. Keegs gets along great with other dogs and can even co-exist with cats. Although he has become very comfortable with several children in our rescue group, we still do not think he is appropriate for a home that has smaller children. In fact his foster mom thinks he would be great for a single man who likes to go to the dog park and have the guys over from time to time. Keegan can be a total chick magnet and at the same time he has that 'Tough, Cool' big dog exterior. In addition to all his other positive attributes, our boy can also sit, lay down and spin around upon helps if you have a treat in your hand for this. One of Keegan's foster moms favorite things about him is the way he crawls his little alligator walk and then rolls over on his back when he knows that she is leaving for work. Whomever adopts this special dog, will see many tears from our volunteers that will be tears of joy for him finding a home, but also sad tears because he will DEFINITELY be missed. He is a true blessing from God. MEDICAL INFO: The following has been done for this dog... - Basic Exam by Veterinarian - Spayed or Neutered - Heartworm Tested (NEGATIVE) - Placed on heartworm preventive - Basic Bloodwork (NORMAL) - Microchipped - Intestinal Parasite Exam and medication - Vaccinations - Placed on Advantage or Frontline for Fleas / Ticks ADOPTION DONATION: $225 This adoption donation helps to cover the vet expenses for this dog including a 6 month supply of heartworm preventive which is dispensed at the initial vet visit and then goes with the dog at adoption. All vet records will be provided to adopter along with a single dose of advantage / frontline. If you are interested in adopting this dog, 1. Review our ADOPTION PROCEDURES, 2. Review our ADOPTION CONTRACT, 3. Complete our ADOPTION APPLICATION. If you are unable to adopt at this time, there are other ways to help. Check out our HOW YOU CAN HELP section for more details! BE CAREFUL WHEN ADOPTING A PET!! Be sure to review the important questions to ask any rescue or shelter before you adopt a pet.