Sebastian rat terrier, Dog, Rat Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier / Mixed (short coat)

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Rat Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
Rat Terrier
Secondary Breed: 
Jack Russell Terrier
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Vaccinations Up to Date: 
White with Brown or Chocolate
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Please contact Tom (, (651) 797-9754 for more information about this pet. WE ARE AN ALL VOLUNTEER FOSTER BASED NO KILL RESCUE! ***Watch Sebastian's video below to see what a stunningly good looking & petite Jack Russell/Rat Terrier he is! His markings are georgeous against his beautiful white fur.*** Sebastian is a very playful 1 yr. old Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix that came into the Last Hope program as a stray. Sebastian would be a perfect and loving pet for a single person or a couple without kids. Sebastian is so affectionate and loves to curl up next to you in a recliner. Sebastian demonstrates his need for closeness by wanting to be carried like a prince or by sneaking his way into bed to cuddle in next to you at night. Sebastian gets a great deal of joy out of going on walks and exploring the world with the people he loves. Chewing rawhides is another great source of joy for Sebastian. Sebastian enjoys the company of other dogs and people that he is familiar with. However, with that said we should also add that when 'strange' dogs or strange new people cross Sebastian's path, Sebastian will bark wildly because of his strong sense of duty to protect and alert everyone. On the positive side, that trait makes Rat Terrier’s great watch dogs for a family! One method that helps Sebastian warm up to a strange dog is to give him and the new dog about 4 minutes to sniff each other properly in a neutral area first. Neutral areas are anywhere outside of your house and yard. There are also a lot of great training techniques available to teach a dog like Sebastian how to ignore and not bark at strange dogs he passes while on a long walk. It will just take a little patience and practicing these techniques to teach Sebastian how to act calmly around strange dogs. Even though it takes Sebastian a little time to observe and warm up to new people, once you win his trust he will be loyal to you forever, and follow you around like a shadow! Sebastian is house trained!!! He is also crate trained if that is something you prefer. He is very protective of his foster family and cannot come to adoption days however, the foster Tom, is willing to meet you in a neutral place. The new potential owner must take the dog on leash away from Tom and spend 1/2 hour with him alone. He starts out shy and in a few days he is the best buddy you could have. He doesn't do well with strangers coming and going into your house. Life expectancy: 15-18 years Adoption fee: $100 (cash only, no checks) The reason why he is only $100 is because we expect the new owner to either be experienced or will spend time i n a dog obediance class that is okay with bity type dogs ( we have recommendations for you that cost $100 for 8 weeks!!) Sebastian is available to be seen by appointment only. Call Tom Polzin at 651-797-9754 or email me at . DOGS: All dogs accepted into Last Hope, a 501C, no kill rescue, are worked with