Karley, Dog, Pug

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Hi, I'm Karly! I think I'm around 3 yrs old, but I could be off a little. I weigh 12.5 pounds, so I am sort of a little pug. I like hanging out with both people and other dogs, and I just love, love, love to give kisses! I am what my foster mom calls a 'special needs' pug. I am very happy to be in rescue, and while it isn't a good story to tell, I think it is important that you know. You see, I was just moments away from being euthanized, when one of the nice techs at the vet clinic said 'Please wait; APARN will take her.' (Oh, did I mention, that tech is my hero!) I know what you are thinking! Why would anyone want to euthanize an adorable little pug like me? Well, the short answer is...because I couldn't go potty. I hadn't gone potty for almost three weeks, so the vet took an xray, and told my people I needed surgery for a broken bone in my pelvis. I hear the surgery is pretty expensive, as the vet said I would have to go to a specialist to have it done. So, my foster mom took me to see the specialist vet, what a nice guy he is! He said if he didn't already have four dogs, he would be tempted to adopt me! He took xrays, and showed them to foster mom. He said he is pretty sure I was hit by a car at least a year ago and nothing was ever done. He said the right side of my pelvis is broken in 3 or 4 places, and all 'smooshed' in, and it healed that way. Anyway, it makes it so that the opening through my colon is pretty narrow, and I can get very constipated if not kept on strict diet of soft food, mixed with lots of water to make it like soup. (I love it like that, by the way!) So, it is very important for me to stay on my proper diet and some medications to keep my poop soft (a prescription called Lactalose, and some Metamucil fiber supplement), so that I can go potty. Otherwise, I will get 'stopped up,' and that is no fun! It is also possible that I will get 'stopped up' now and then, and when that happens, I have to have a doggy enima. Whoo-wee, let me tell you...I am not a fan of that process, but the results are terrific! Doctor also said I can get arthritis as I get older, so I need to start on glucosamine supplements now. He also mentioned something about my right hip maybe needing an FHO in the future. I thought that was some kind of doggy HMO, but it turns out that is a surgery where they take the top of the longest leg bone off! I am hoping if I stay at a good weight, it won't get that bad, but I suspect the Doctor knows best! The doctor said he would be willing to do surgery on my pelvis, but he said it would require breaking it in the 3-4 places it was originally broken in, and putting everything where it should be, and then lots of healing time. It would be a long process, and lots of money. He said that the proper diet, medications and enimas as needed is a perfectly fine option for me, but he stressed the following: I can not go to a home with a doggy door, because my forever person has to pay attention and monitor me daily, to make sure I go potty. I have to have canned food with water and added fiber, to help keep my stool soft. I have to have my Lactalose three times a day. I need to start on glucosamine and get that daily. And I need enimas to help me 'go' after just one day of missed bowel movement. Oh, I almost forgot. One more thing. When I had my spay surgery, the doctor also removed a few small tumors that were on my back legs. One of them turned out to be a Grade 1 Mast Cell Tumor. Foster mom said that Grade 1 means benign, but doctor said I should be checked over for new “lumps and bumps” at least once every couple of weeks. It is a pretty easy thing to do during bathtime, as I am very good about getting my baths. I love the special attention and “me” time! So, I know it is a lot to ask. But in return, I will sit by you and let you rub my tummy for hours! My adoption fee is $275. If you are interested, you can ask APARN for a list of prices of my monthly needs.