Calamity, Dog, Pug

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Please contact for more information about this pet. Prior to adding a new dog to your family, please visit to learn about the various personalities and characteristics which will assist in matching the right dog to your lifestyle. Our PETFINDER home page may answer any questions you have about our policies and practices. If you have specific questions about the dog not made clear in this listing, please feel free to ask, keeping in mind that the FIRST STEP TOWARD ADOPTION is to submit an application. Calamity is a typical pug, therefore, she would like a pug-loving home with people familiar with her breed Her ideal home would be with a stay-at-home mom or dad. She was born September 2006. She does love her food and gets very excited when it is time to eat. She is a healthy weight because she is not allowed to free feed; her food is measured out in a schedule. The ideal home would be someone who can give her a lot of attention. She loves to be held and woujld love a home with someone home most of the time that would love nothing more than to spend most of their time cuddling with her and taking her everywhere they go. She will need help with housetraining; she does use a doggy door. She enjoys the company of other dogs and would like a home with another SMALL dog playmate for those times when she just can't be held--preferably another pug so they will have the same play-style. We do process the applications in the order that they are received. We cannot guarantee any particular dog will still be available by the time we get to your application. We cannot respond to each application or keep you updated as we go along. We do not consider a dog adopted until the process has been completed and a contract has been signed. As long as the dog is still listed, it is still available and we are processing applications. As soon as a dog is adopted, it is removed from the list. If you apply and your application is approved, we will contact you. If you decide not to wait or find another dog, please let us know so we can go on to another application.