Luke and Oliver, Dog, Pug (short coat)

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Pug (short coat)
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Luke and Oliver came into rescue together as owner surrenders. Both boys will be 6 this year, and have been with the same family since adoption as puppies. They both love the attention they’re getting with their foster family and are always excited to go outside. OK. A little less excited while it’s been super cold! Luke goes right outside every time, while some of the times Oliver needs a little reminding. There is a cat with the foster family, and they’re really not very fond of her, a little barky when she strolls through the room. (She leaves and finds her own quiet places. They are neutered and up to date on shots. They are both very happy to sit with the family on the couch, in fact, they seem to expect it! Like other pugs, Luke in particular breathes a little heavy and he does snore a bit.Luke was quite thin when he came into rescue. He’s been on a healthy, regular diet and has put on weight quite nicely; he looks great after only a few weeks. Oliver has put on just a little weight, too, but is still very healthy looking. Oliver has a scratch on his left eye, which according to his previous owners occurred with the breeder when he was a young pup. He probably doesn’t see well from this eye, but it doesn’t seem to stop him keeping up with Luke. There are no other known health issues for either of them.The two of them sleep very nicely together during the day and at night in a large crate. Both have a lot of energy and together are quite active when they first come out of their crate. After some wind-down time, they’ll settle in for play and petting and people time.They are doing well with house training, but will need a little more work. They easily “go” when taken outside, and will let you know if they’re in the crate that they need out, but they’re not quite yet letting the people know it’s time to go out if they’re free in the house. They have quickly figured out that the food is waiting when they come back inside, so a bit more work and reminding on the training will go a long way. They also recognize the leashes, and know that’s time for outside as well. They do pull on the leashes, Luke in particular. Oliver is better at walking along side the people, until he decides it’s time to catch up with Luke!!!Oliver does like to make sure he’s getting his fair share of the attention. When first in foster care, Ollie was protective of both food bowls, but when the bowls were separated by a few feet, each of them learned in just a few days which is theirs. When the boys are out and playing in the house with the family, Oliver will try to keep get petted from everyone, especially if Luke’s getting attention. The two boys do well together, though some of the time Luke just gets annoyed with Oliver wanting more than his share. Because of this, they would likely also do well if separated. If you’re looking for lifelong friends and companions with energy and character, Oliver and Luke could be your boys!For more info please visit to complete an adoption application. Click here to Donate Using Paypal Pug Partners of Nebraska was formed in December 2008. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping pugs in need. We help pugs that have been owner surrendered, from puppy-mills and also from rescue friendly shelters. Our main mission is to find each pug a new home that they will feel loved in and secure with.