Puggie, Dog, Pug / Beagle / Mixed

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Pug / Beagle / Mixed
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My name is Puggles or 'Puggie' as my foster mom calls me! I'm a 'puppymill throwaway' simply because my ears stand up instead of laying down! Those awful folks at the puppymill put me in a black trash bag along with three of my siblings and tossed us out a car window alongside the highway! I was the only survivor! I'm what is called a 'designer' breed, a relatively new breed, part Beagle and part Pug, known as a 'Puggle'...so I know my name isn't very original, but my foster mom's granddaughter named me! And I'm happy with that name too... I'm a very smart little boy, especially for being only 6 months old! But I'm very, very shy of people..can you blame me?? I love my foster mom and run to her for security when new people come around, but I know that somewhere out there is someone who would take the time and have the patience to earn my trust and love...I just need to feel secure! I love to play and really adore squeeky toys!! I already know the command 'sit'..and mom is trying to teach me more cute things! I've been learning how to use the doggy door and now have it pretty much mastered though I do have an occasional 'accident'... lol I get along with all the other doggies here even though most won't play with me as they're too old...I even like the kitties here!! I'm a very active little puppy and the little old senior dogs think I'm a pain...I just want to PLAY!!!! I have all my shots, even my rabies, and have also been neutered! I'm such a good little boy and will probably not weigh more than 20 pounds when I am grown...right now I weigh 15 whole pounds and am I ever proud!!! I was so skinny and didn't weigh hardly anything when I came here! Are you the 'furever' home I am looking for??? I'm such a little lover boy and would make you so happy...I would love you forever and ever!!! Mom says I really need a home all my own and I think she is right...that would be SO cool...I just want my own family! And I love kids too even though I am a little shy of them at first! But I'm getting much better and will go to people as long as they don't come at me too quickly...they just have to let me go to them! If you would like to inquire about me, go to: www.castoffcockers.org Just fill out their online adoption form...be sure to let them know you're interested in me, Puggie, as the form is for cockers...it won't matter as long as you let them know you want ME! They will get back to you as soon as possible!! I'm SO looking forward to meeting you!!!