Blu & Her Posse, Dog, Pointer / Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat)

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Pointer / Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat)
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Labrador Retriever
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Black with Gray or Silver
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See Blu & Her Posse's Homepage PLEASE NOTE: A fence is always mandatory.UPDATE: Well, this is first, a great shot of 4 of our dogs side by side. From left to right we have: Tiny Kayleigh, Adorable SweetPea, our most beautiful stunning black diamond Blu, and our most handsome Sir Porter. We have been trying to show everyone how truly lovely Blu is but hopefully now you can see her blue eyes and her stunning speckled black and white bib! There is another shot below to show her beauty but she needs to be seen in person for you to see her sweet, kissy, loving ways! She loves everyone here and is fostered with Kay & Porter. They are all very good buddies. Actually all our dogs get along with other dogs, that is necessary to be a true L&F Rescue Dog -- have to LOVE people and other dogs. UPDATE: This beauty is looking to be someone special 'Daddy's Girl.' She loves everyone -- but is especially drawn to men. Her one ice blue eye and a huge fleck of blue part in her other eye makes her just stunning with her very short VERY shiny coat. She looks like a black diamond! Again, not a great shot of our beautiful girl but I hope you can see by her other pictures below her deep love of people and particulary men! I don't want to infer she is a *hussey* but while she loves everyone she meets --- she becomes very devoted to men. She must have a 6 foot fence since she is as agile as a deer and can jump over a 5 foot fence. She has been overlooked for a long time simply because she is black. That is so unfair for a dog to die or be overlooked for their color. She is very loving, wants to please --- and would make the most loyal pet ever --- especially if she has her very own 'Dad' to love her. Glory Blu is a pretty young girl who came from a shelter in VA and had been there for 6 months in a cage. She is energetic but that is to be expected with a dog who was in 'prison' & a lab mix. She calms down when she is with men --- very strange. I'm sure she had a man in her life once who loved her --- and she is still searching for him. I've seen this behavior before. She was so special to the shelter staff that they just could not put her down. Then the day came when her life could not spared any longer due to severe over crowding. We were sent her picture and she met all our qualifications. Sweet, loving, good natured, loves dogs and most of LOVES people. Her picture does not do her justice but she has an extremely short coat that shines like a black diamond and she is extremely sleek. She also has one ice blue eye and a very large speck of the same color in her other eye. Her bib is speckled and just beautiful, Glory Blu is beautiful. She runs around outside with pure joy and abandon. She loves her freedom and she loves her 4 legged girlfriends and her boyfriends. She is very, very affectionate. When I bend down or go anywhere near her she just leans into me to give me big wet kisses. We would love to find that special family that would give her all the love and devotion that she has to give to them. PLEASE NOTE: A fence is always mandatory - no exceptions. Be sure to read ALL our adoption policies prior to applying for a puppy/dog. If you would like to fill out an application, you must first register on the website and await an e-mailed passcode. Once you have this info, you will be able to access our application. Our adoption donation is $200 which is (1/2) of what we've actually spent to properly vet & spay/neuter each of our dogs. Any donation above that would be greatly appreciated & tax deductible since we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit! All L&F dogs/pups have been: Temperament tested and have been chosen for having sweet, gentle dispositions. House Trained (paper trained if pups) Crate Trained Live in foster homes with families. Up to date with their complete series of Distemper, Parvo vaccines, Rabies & Intra Trac ll Kennel Cough Already SPAYED/NEUTERED, pups under 5 months must be prepaid Microchipped with HomeAgain Tested for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia On Heartworm medication & Frontline Plus during their stay with us - Plus they go with a one month supply of each Two De-Wormings Any dog/pup adopted from us must have a fenced in property either Physical or Petstop Electric Fence. We do not accept any other branddue to the high failure rate. The fence must be installed prior to us completing an adoption application. If you need an electric fence contact the company Petstop @ We abide by the Humane Association's recommendation. For ANY DOG adoption to have a relatively good chance of success, we believe a child should be 8 years old & up. We only adopt what we call our 'BONA-FIDE Kid Lovers to families with children.' Many dogs do not want to live with children. You should only adopt a dog who LOVES kids to be sure you are able to make a lifetime commitment to a dog. We also expect that if no one is home all day, arrangements will be made to provide the dog with at least (1) 'potty break' daily. This can be through a family member, neighbor, or Petsitting service. We know that it is impossible for us humans to 'hold it' for 8-10 hours, so we do not want our 'shelter kids' to be expected to do so. We have several Petsitting service companies that we can recommend: Donna Carrol, Serving the Wilmington DE area - 302-312-4788 Pet Valet services include transporting to and from Vet or Grooming, dog walking and pet sitting, Pooper service - e-mail: or call Terry 302-369-3074 Fetch Pet Care - Good Dog Animal Care - the Kennett Square PA areaCall: (484)645-3130 - Meghan and Jackie Herb TLC Petsitting in MD