Samantha, Dog, Pit Bull Terrier (short coat)

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Pit Bull Terrier (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
Pit Bull Terrier
Special Needs: 
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
Black with White
Coat Length: 
At only six months old, Samantha found herself locked in a kill-only, no-adoptions allowed facility with a chain around her neck that had to be cut off with lock cutters. What had she done to deserve this...? The answer is nothing. She's a happy, curious bundle-of-joy...and suddenly, her very life was to be numbered in hours...a death penalty with no crime committed.It was a strange week at the kill-only pound...all the dogs and cats were saved by rescues -- ALL OF THEM, EXCEPT SAMANTHA. No one wanted to save Samantha; after all, Samantha is a pittie. And, despite how happy and friendly she was...despite her pleading eyes, and her rapidly waving and wagging one wanted to save a 'pittie.' They just turned the other sad, they said.... So, on what could be a historic week for the kill-only pound, where rescues descended to save...there would be one, just one...the sweetest one who was scheduled to die.... But, sometimes miracles happen...sometimes people do care...sometimes people will extend themselves and will right-a-wrong...will do some amazing act of compassion and help a voice for the voiceless.... Would this happen for Samantha? Alone, but still happily hoping someone would come for her, Samantha sat patiently wagging her tail...after all, all the others were rescued...and Samantha knew she was politely, pleading with those beautiful eyes.... Emails rang out and in the 11th hour, SAVING SAMANTHA WAS FORMED...she couldbe boarded...she shouldn't be the only dog to die...simply because people nolonger recognize the Staffordshire as America 's dog. The people no longer see what Norman Rockwell saw, or know what The Little Rascals knew, or what our brave soldiers experienced working side-by-side with these great loyal and loving dogs. So, Samantha was pulled in hopes against-the-odds that others would see that SAVING SAMANTHA -- a beautiful, happy, engaging, delightful 6 month old -- is the right thing to do...Samantha should not be paying for people's ignorance with her life...she is innocent.... SAVING SAMANTHA is important...she is important...please helpright-a-wrong and consider fostering or adopting Samantha...PLEASE HELP SAVING SAMANTHA HAVE A HAPPY ENDING....