Lily, Dog, Pit Bull Terrier (short coat)

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Pit Bull Terrier (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
Pit Bull Terrier
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Brindle with White
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Sex: Female Age: 8 months Good with dogs: Excellent with non-dominant dogs!Good with cats: Very curious about cats-need to be dog savvy. Good with kids: Yes Weight: 40 lbs. Name/Nicknames: Lily: Lil’ Lilly, WillersHow did I get to ARLP: I was born on a Native American Reservation where I contracted severe mange as a puppy due to inadequate care, poor nutrition and no shelter. My owner surrendered me due to the care that my condition would demand. I got to ride back to Iowa on a plane and have been happy, healthy and recovering for the last 4 months! ARLP was nice enough to host me on their website to find a permanent place for me! To learn more about the type of mange Lily has, click here: Demodex Mange.Hobbies: I LOVE running, the best is when I get to chase and be chased by my friends at the dog park! When I’m at home my favorite thing to do is flop onto my back and doggie paddle my legs in the air-it’s the perfect stretch and scratch. I also enjoy sharing a doggie bed and snoozing with my pal Sadie (when she’ll tolerate it), breaking in rawhides and people watching (and meeting) downtown. Tricks/Commands: I’ve been working on and have almost mastered, “sit,” “stay,” “wait,” “down,” “heel,” “go potty,” “off,” and “NO.” Crate Trained: I don’t mind spending the night in my crate but I’d much rather lie around with you when you’re home. I get bored spending too much time in there—but if I must, I won’t fight it. I am very trustworthy in the house though and will wander over to the door a few times to let you know I need OUT!Potty Trained: I’ve been working on this very hard and don’t tend to have accidents. I always let you know when I need to go out, it just depends on if you’re paying attention to me. Right now I’m working on learning how to ring a bell anytime I’m at the door to alert you.Size in pounds: 40lbs, I’m still growing but won’t likely break 45lbsActivity Level: I have been told I’m a remarkably calm puppy. When you’re mellow, I’m mellow. I don’t tend to have as much sympathy for dogs though and like to nibble their paws and chew on their ears so they’ll play with me. It annoys Sadie. If I have one or two quality walks throughout the day I’m happy. But my favorite way to burn off energy is to play fetch with you or take a trip to the dog park! Other than that I tolerate rainy days pretty well and LOVE to curl up with anyone and take long naps!