Sheshi, Dog, Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed

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Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed
Primary Breed: 
Pit Bull Terrier
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
Sheshi is at Pittie Rescue, Rhode Island's Pit Bull Rescue Just wait until you meet this girl! Sheshi is a 9 month old Brindle female and is definitely a favorite. She gets along with everyone and everything. We have yet to introduce Sheshi to anything that she does not absolutely adore - She is great with children, cats, and dogs. Sheshi is what we call a Pit Bull Ambassador - she shows all of the signs that we hope to find in this breed. This girl will change any stereotypes people have against pit bulls and have them wishing that they had a dog just like her! Everywhere we go, people comment on how beautiful and sweet Sheshi is. This girl is FULL of love! When her foster mom comes home, Sheshi can barely sit because her tail and bum are wiggling all over the place. When out on walks, she runs up to everyone and gives them loads of kisses! She especially loves children and wag wag wags her little tail whenever she sees one. Sheshi is also very gentle and would do well with children of all ages. She still jumps a little but we're working on that! Sheshi is quickly and easily learning courtesy rules in her foster home: no jumping, sitting and waiting before receiving something, and much more. Sheshi is also crate trained. What's even better is that Sheshi is great with all dogs. Although some dogs frighten her a little, she has never shown any signs of aggression towards any dog. She loves to play keep away with balls and is always excited to go to the park. In her foster home, she meets several unknown dogs on a daily basis. She is also living with another female pit bull at the moment. They eat together, drink out of the same bowl, and even chew on the same bone together! When Sheshi is not goofing around, she enjoys movie nights with her foster mom where they snuggle up together on the bed. Apply soon because this girl will not be around for long! Sheshi's only troubles have been irresponsible ownership. She was abandoned and very sick as a young puppy. When Animal Control found her, they had no choice but to end her suffering. But, luckily, a family came to her rescue and nursed her back to health. They taught her what love was and surrounded her with children, dogs and cats. However, recently her owner became very ill and was no longer able to provide the home that she deserved. So Sheshi found herself back where her life had begun: in a Shelter. That's when we found her and put her into a loving foster home. Now, Sheshi sits here waiting for her real home. Until then, she continues giving people the unconditional love she hopes somebody will one day give her. To apply for Sheshi, please click here to fill out an application. Click here to view all of Pittie Rescue's dogs