ABNER, Dog, Pit Bull Terrier (medium coat)

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Pit Bull Terrier (medium coat)
Primary Breed: 
Pit Bull Terrier
Coat Length: 
Abner is a young adult pitbull mix who was found outside. He is a fun, bouncy, sweet boy who has probably not had any real training or boundaries in the past. He will sit on command if you have something for him (a toy or a treat) and seems to be partially housetrained. Abner loves to play and is hilarious to watch when he leaps and bounds around the yard. He is not an off leash dog - he only listens when he thinks he should, and probably would not come back if he got loose until he''s had a lot more training. Abner really needs to go to obedience classes with his new owners, so that everyone can learn how to get his manners in check and teach him boundaries. He needs to learn to work for his person - he would benefit so much from the 'nothing in life is free' program, which the staff can tell you more about (it''s super simple, and is great with any dog, but especially one that needs to learn limits and start working for his person). He is a strong guy who doesn''t know his own strength sometimes. This, plus his jumpy nature and strong will, equals a dog who should go to a mature home with older sturdy kids. He is overly friendly with people and kids, and while he sometimes tries not to jump on people, he can be forgetful. He can jump up to eye level in excitement when you have a toy for him. Abner likes to play with other dogs. He still needs to be neutered, and right now does quite a bit of mounting with other dogs and needs to be redirected. He seems interested in cats but not aggressive with them. Crate training is highly recommended with him. Abner seems to have some level of seperation anxiety. He can be vocal when left alone, and would potentially be destructive in the house without the use of a crate to confine him. He forms attachements quickly with people and then becomes very distraught when they leave his sight. Proper crate training and consistent training will help keep Abner out of trouble when his people leave him. Abner is a great dog with a lot of potential. He needs a bit of work to get him on the right track, but with some structure, training, and consistency he will really become an ambassador for his breed as he matures.