Tucker, Dog, Pekingese

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My name is TUCKER! I am one great guy! Not only am I a handsome fella, but I have lots of personality! I love everyone, kids, dogs, and cats! I love to romp and play with other dogs my size, it is lots of fun! My foster mom giggles and laughs at me a lot, she says I am a silly boy. I like to snuggle with my foster family, love to have my chin scratched! I am a very happy boy that loves to go on car rides and walks on a leash. Love to feel the wind in my hair! I don't meet many strangers, everyone is my friend. I am about two years old and I am caught up on all my shots and neutered. My foster mom took me to the groomer and she said I had a perfectly beautiful coat! I would love to have a home of my own with a famiy to call my own. If you would like to make me part of your family please look up Pekingese on the internet or check out the library and learn all about my breed! Email my foster mom for more pictures - she loves to take pictures of me. You can fill out the application and she will be glad to contact you! Name: Address: City: State: Zip Code: Phone Number: Cell Phone: Work Phone: Email Address: Occupation(s): Name of type of dog you are seeking: Reason for selecting this particular dog or breed: Name and ages of all household members, including yourself: Who will be caring for the pet? Describe your current pets:* (Due to the many health benefits accruing from spay and neutering, as well as to prevent accidental liters, we require that all resident pets must be spayed/neutered.) How many hours will pet(s) be alone during the day? Where will the dog be kept during this time? When I am home, my dog will mainly be: Where will the dog sleep at night? Do you have a fenced yard? N/A Yes No What type of fence? N/A Wood Chain Link Other Fence height 4 ft 5 ft 6 ft 7 ft 8 ft 9 ft 10 ft 10+ ft N/A Veterinarian Name: Veterinarian Phone Number: How long have you lived at your current address? Type of Housing? Choose One House Condo Apartment Mobile Home RV Ranch Other Own Rent Other Arrangements Name of apartment complex or trailer park: Do they allow pets? N/A Yes No Name of Manager/Landlord: Contact phone number for Manager/Landlord: Any restrictions on pets? N/A Yes No Do you ever have relatives or friends visit with their pets? If so what type of animals visit? Please be specific: Have you had any other pets in your adult life? Choose One Yes No If yes, how long did you own them and what happened to them? Are you planning on moving in the near future? Yes No If you move, what would you do with your pet? Please list 2 personal references including phone numbers: Have you adopted any pets from another rescue or animal shelter in the past? Choose One Yes No If yes, which one(s)? I am interested in a (check all that apply): Puppy Adult Male Female How long have you been looking for a pet? I want a pet because... What is the activity level of the dog you are looking for? What do you consider undesirable traits? What would you do if you saw some of the above listed traits displayed in the pet that you have adopted? What will you do if the dog displays bad behavior such as barking, digging, chewing, etc? What time period do you require to prepare for your new dog? Do you or any of your neighbors have livestock? Choose One Yes No Would you be interested in attending training sessions? Choose One Yes No Who will be housebreaking this pet? Describe your method of housebreaking? In what manner will you be transporting your pet in your vehicle? What brand of food will your dog eat? What grooming requirements do you feel are necessary for this particular dog? On average, how much do you expect to spend annually on this dog? (Including heartworm preventative, flea/tick preventative, vetting, toys/treats, grooming, etc.) There are times when unexpected and often very expensive medical conditions occur. What will you do if this happens to your pet? Would you be willing to allow a representative of the organization to visit your residence? Choose One Yes No Would you consider volunteering for our group? Choose One Yes No If you can help, in which of the following areas? Foster Adoption Day Helper Transportation Meet-n-Greet Television Home Visits for Potential Adopters create web form