Su Ling - Puppy Mi, Dog, Pekingese (long coat)

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Pekingese (long coat)
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If you are interested in ADOPTING this here for an ONLINE APPLICATION PLEASE visit our website for details on our Adoption Process and** We require a Fenced Yard on ALL adoptions!! ** Su Ling is a puppy mill survivor from a GA puppy mill- rescue actually had to purchase these dogs in an auction, bidding against other puppy mill breeders. Su Ling is a Forever OURS and will live her life in her Foster Care, it would be too much to rehome her at this point. UPDATE: Su Ling has received all medical treatment necessary for a healthy life - she is doing GREAT! We still have an outstanding cost for her care - PLEASE HELP SPONSOR SU LING! WE CAN NOT AFFORD TO HELP THESE BABIES WITHOUT YOUR HELP!! First pic is actually at the puppy mill auction- *** NEWS COVERAGE: *** Channel 2 has learned that in July of 2003 the American Kennel Club suspended this puppy mill's privileges for 10 years and imposed a fine due to her record-keeping and poor maintenance of her facility. ***************** Su Ling is 17 yrs old and weighs 11 lbs- and lived her entire life as a breeding puppy mill dog. She is a high spirited and happy little girl, in spite of her hard life.Here is a list of her medical issues: * Large growth (tumor) on her back end - this will require surgery * Eye trauma or possibly a birth defect. We will never know.....- this will require surgery to remove the damaged eye and close the lid to prevent further infection *Dry eye (normal eye) * Dental/Gum disease, she only has two teeth that will need to be removed. *Skin issues- severely dry and possible mites. *Ear infections *Poor muscle development, she can barely walk at this time, this will get better in time. *Spay needed (possible infection) Estimated vet cost are $600. Please help! $10 helps more than you know! Donations are Tax Deductible - we are a non profit organization To make a donation, please click on the PayPal button below. Thank you!