Wanda (in CO), Dog, Papillon

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Wanda is full of personality. She was a little snowball with appendages when she first arrived. She has lost some weight and is moving much better. She does have some patella problems but since she has been taking walks and has lost weight she is taking the stairs several times a day. HI! I'm Wanda. I am 5 pounds and stand 8' at my shoulder. I am petite and quite in charge. My first Mom is very sick and my friend Nick and I were left in the house without food or water for almost a week while she was in the hospital and the people who were supposed to care for us didn't come. So I am staying with a foster while I find a new family. I have had good nutrition (notice my beautiful coat) so I have a good chance at being your furever friend for a really long time. I get along with all the big and small dogs here now although I was a little bossy at first because I didn't feel good but now I feel great. HEY! I am the smallest! I have to show them who is boss! I tell those cats what I think of them but they just jump on something high and stare at me. What ARE those 'fly' things???? I really don't like them. I chase them and try to eat them. So far I haven't caught one yet but I try hard so one day I will catch one of those pests. Foster Mom just brushed me and I snarled about it, but she didn't believe my bluff.I love going for walks with my brother and sister. I keep up with them but Mom picks me up and carries me part of the way when we go far. I don't think she needs to do that but you know how Moms can be. I feel sorry for those animals that are stuck in that box with the picture and sound (TV). When I hear them stuck in that box, I talk to them. I wish they could get out. There are cats, dogs, giraffes, elephants and lots more. I am good at telling you what I want. When I want to sit on your lap, I will tell you and wait patiently for you to pick me up. I will even position myself so you can pick me up easily. My favorite time of day is breakfast. I eat big food that is fun to throw in the air, chase and talk to. Then I attack it and eat it. It's lots of fun. At night when I get tired I go straight to my crate and go to sleep. Sometime while I am sleeping Mom shuts the door.I hope I find a home where they will like to play with me, take me for walks because the exercise is really important for my knees, and let me sit next to them on the couch. It might be nice to have four legged friends but I think I could live without them too. People that see me think I am very cute and sweet. I think that is good. If you are interested in Wanda, please use Adoption Application