Fluffy (in TX), Dog, Papillon

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Fluffy was born on June 19, 1996. She had one litter and then we got her fixed. Fluffy has a great coat; sable with a little black also. Athletic, likes to jump and run.Has lost a few teeth due to old age, she is very expressive and her tongue is a little long (SO CUTE)She doesn't do well with many vaccinations at a time, do as few as possible please. Current on rabies shot.She is sleeping at my feet right now.she eats Nutro Senior small bites, it has glucosamine and chondroitin for her joint health, we spray it with just a little warm water or broth (YUMMY)she smells pretty good except when she gets wet and dirty (she likes to lie on her back and wriggle around in the smelly spots she finds on the ground - TREASURE!)Fluffy is a good girl - and protective; if she is sleeping with one of us and she is startled awake she barks! (RUFF RUFF)She likes to be with her people, she loves her people and she needs them all the time - because she likes to smile!Fluffy is beautiful! UPDATE 3/24/08- Fluffy checked out fine at the vet. She is hw negative and her fecal test was negative as well. She weighed 7.5 lbs. She is an aggressive dog both with food and her humans. She does not like to share and therefore would be best suited to a home with no other pets. We have been unable to crate train Fluffy. She will bark all night every night if left in the crate. However, she will sleep in the crate or under the bed if you let her choose where she sleeps and leave the door open on the crate once she goes in. This is definitely one very opinionated little girl. She loves to give kisses and is so funny and playful, though. She will make a wonderful pet for someone who only wants one pet. She will adore you and shower you with much love and protection. Fluffy is a very special little dog. If you are interested in Fluffy, please use Adoption Application