Robbie (NE) *Pap911*, Dog, Papillon (medium coat)

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Papillon (medium coat)
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Tricolor (Tan/Brown & Black & White)
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To see Robbie's official web page go to: Robbie is in foster care in Papillion, NE Update:Look at Robbie's before and after pictures! When he first came to me he was happy, but overweight, wanted to please, but didn't know what to do when it came to pottying outside. You can see in the first picture, he is laying with a red leash on, he is certainly happy, but overweight. Now look at him! Just before Halloween, someone snapped his picture, and there he is, still happy, but a slimmer, more knowledgeable Robbie. He has come such a long ways. He doesn't have any accidents inside, just as long as we keep him on schedule, and he's turned into quite the model pup. Unfortunately he is still looking for his forever home. I know that when the right person comes along, it will be a match made in heaven because this boy is a real crowd pleaser and finds it his goal to politely love those he meets.------ Robbie has proven that he is very kind and loving! He has shown his foster mom that he is ready for a person of his own and a place he can truly call home. Robbie is 5 years old and has yet to have a home for himself. Robbie grew up in a puppy mill; locked up and all alone in a cage. He dreamed of the day he would finally get a good bath and good food, and never have to hurt his feet on wire bars again. Lucky for him, his day came when the breeder decided he was no longer “good enough” to keep in the mill. Robbie was overjoyed when he was introduced to a rescue group in Missouri. At last he found out what it was like to walk on real grass and feel comfortable, soft surfaces. This rescue group then turned him over to Papillon 911 Rescue and Adoptions since he is a gorgeous Papillon that needed a foster home familiar with the breed. Now Robbie has had someone show him what it means to potty outside. To date, he has been shown what a good diet and moderation of food is, and the benefits of good exercise. I think he’s added a few years to his life! The combination of diet and positive attention has helped Robbie to understand and learn how to be housebroken. The only time Robbie has a “mistake” is when his foster mom leaves him home alone. You see, Robbie is afraid to be home by himself and has decided that the only way he can protect his territory is to set up barricades and hide behind his creations. Robbie will mark inside, but it only seems to be when his foster mom is away, no matter the time duration. When she returns home, Robbie is comfortable again and they go around and take down all the barricades. Because of this Robbie and she have decided that it is best to give him a small area to protect. He naps in a crate while she is away (even for a short period). Not only does it give him a smaller area to guard, it also saves on cleaning supplies! Robbie would really love it if he could find a buddy to spend most of the day with him, where ever it may take them. Robbie is up to date on all shots, neutered, walks well on a leash and is learning basic commands. Robbie will need someone who will help him keep his trim figure and love him 24 hours a day. He is good with dogs and cats, but would prefer if someone else took the lead (he is not a dominant dog). No children under 10. If you think you might be able to provide a home like this, please visit and fill out an application!