Tantrum, Dog, Newfoundland Dog / Yellow Labrador Retriever / Mixed

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Newfoundland Dog / Yellow Labrador Retriever / Mixed
Primary Breed: 
Newfoundland Dog
Secondary Breed: 
Yellow Labrador Retriever
Special Needs: 
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
See Tantrum's Homepage Please contact Ginny (ginnotjen@aol.com) for more information about this pet. ***update 11/24*** These cute girls are just about 8 weeks old, and are almost ready for their new homes. We are posting them for adoption now and will begin to screen applicants and set up home visits. These puppies are very smart, and love people. They are ready to begin their housetraining, and are already learning to go on the newspaper. We have a HUGE backyard so it is a bit intimidating for them to be out there right now, (even with our resident dogs leading the way, see photo of them standing at the door just watching, how adorable) so housetraining has just begun with these girls, but they are sooo little and soooo young yet. But, they are all so incredibly smart and are already coming when we call them so we know that they will learn quickly and have lots of potential to be super dogs given any job you want them to do. (retrieving, etc) Each pup has a very different personality, so please read the profiles carefully. Red collar (tantrum) is the most vocal and independent. She's not afraid to take chances. Purple collar loves to be near people and be held (Tipper); and Tubber is the most laid back pup and settles down nicely. Thanks so much for wanting to adopt! Also, if you haven't noticed, we also have a few hound/shepherd pups listed on our website as well. They are around the same age as these girls and are owner surrenders. As always, home owners and fenced yards are given preference for all our dogs/puppies. For the lab/newfies, it is a requirement. (sorry) These pups will need a large home with ample yard space. A leisurely walk around the block once a day won't cut it, they will need an active owner who will also be willing to make them part of the family. Small-child households need not apply.***update 11/18*** These pups are now 7 weeks old and have a zest for life, ALL THREE OF THEM. They are now smart enough to get out of the puppy pen that they are kept in during the day. And all they want to do is PLAY. They have not learned to resist biting, and that is all they do. (we think it is because they were seperated from mom so early) Their teeth are sharp. Because of this, we are not going to adopt them to homes with young children, under the age of 7, NO EXCEPTIONS. And a fenced yard is REQUIRED. They may be cute now, but they will be a handful in the months to come, and will grow to be large...------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tantrum is from a litter of pups that was born outside :( Someone retrieved them and gave them to our rescue to save.We are told that mom was a purebred yellow lab and dad was a newfie (mix?) from down the street.We have three fat, chunky girls in our rescue, each one is very different from the next!Tantrum is the one with the red collar, and she is the most vocal of all the dogs, but also seems to be the smartest. She has no problems figuring things out quickly, on her own, and is the first to do so out of all three pups. She often goes off on her own to explore things, and is not afraid to take chances. If she wants to be up on the couch with us, however, she is not afraid to vocalize it and can be very loud until she gets her way! (when she first got to us, she wanted to be picked up so badly, she was squeeling, and one of our volunteers asked her why she was having a tantrum, hence the name). She is a really good dog and would probably be great at some sort of sport like agility or tracking? It's funny how their personalities are coming out and they are still so young!Right now these pups are only 6 weeks old, and WILL stay in our rescue until they have had their second set of vaccinations, in a few weeks. We will then allow them to go to loving families WITH FENCED YARDS, on a foster-to-adopt basis. Their spay appointments have already been scheduled for January 20th, at which time they will receive their microchip.These pups have already been wormed, and will be flea treated, have two sets of puppy vaccines, and be wormed a second time before leaving us. We aren't accepting applications just yet on these gals, so PLEASE DON'T APPLY, NOT EVEN FOR THE WAITING LIST- we will post them when they are available and you may apply for them then.Thanks!www.BlackDogSecondChance.org