Scooby, Dog, Mastiff / Mixed (medium coat)

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Mastiff / Mixed (medium coat)
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A letter to God from Scooby.... Dear God, It's been three years since my rescuers saved me and my brother Captain from the kill shelter. Three long years and I'm still staring through the same steel bars. I can tell you who works the night shift, the early shift and the suckers who have to come in on holidays. Don't get me wrong, I love the people who take care of me here at Blue Dog Ranch; this place is amazing, but I want a home of my own. My friends who come to doggie daycare, and then go home each afternoon, share stories about what their lives are like. Bud gets to sleep in bed with his human dad John. His favorite thing to do is snuggle under the covers and he stays there even after John gets up to get ready for work. Bud is John's whole world and they are best friends. Misty has three human siblings who adore her. She gets to go on hikes every Saturday and one Saturday she saw my brother Captain, who got adopted. He loves his new family and they love him. They take him everywhere with them. He asked about me. Misty told him I still didn't have a home. He looked away, but not quickly enough for her to catch the tears in his eyes. When he turned back to face her, he told her to tell me he loves me and that he believes I will find my forever home soon. I'm still waiting God. Please God, why doesn't anyone come for me? Everyone who meets me says I am adorable. One woman called me, 'heaven on earth -- so sweet and loving...' My trainers are so impressed with my skills that they even made a video about me: They say any family would be lucky to have me. I'm only six years old God. I have so much love to give. I'm not asking for much.... I'm a happy boy, I'm healthy and I have so many friends. I just want a family to call my own. I want to sleep in a bed. I want to go hiking. I promise that I will not let you down, God. Maybe one day it will be me who runs into Captain. If I did, I'd tell him thank you...thank you for believing that I could find a loving home too. Thanks for listening God. I hope my wish comes true soon.... Love, Scooby Scooby Stats:Sex: MaleAge: SixDogs: Best with Big DogsCats: UnknownKids: Best with Teenagers ( he might be too jumpy for little ones) Scooby is crate trained, leash trained and knows several key commands. Scooby needs a family and a home of his own. There is not a more deserving dog that has ever crossed our path. Scooby and his brother, Captain, were saved at the 11th hour from a kill shelter in Los Angeles. Captain was adopted by a wonderful family, but Scooby was left behind and he has been waiting three years for his forever family to find him. You may ask yourself, “What is wrong with him?” And the answer is NOTHING! He is a warm, loving dog who just keeps getting overlooked because maybe there is someone cuter, or younger or ….. But Scooby is a happy boy with a zest for life that is infectious. He has an attitude of gratitude that will melt your heart, as he has been waiting for his family each and every day for three years with a smile on his face and a lick for each and every person who will give him the time. He yearns for love and affection, is well mannered and loves to run and play. He is one dog who is just downright thankful for his life, and we can guarantee that he has a special love to share with the lucky family who opens their hearts and their home to Scooby. Contact: Take Me Home Rescue Email: Email: 310-967-4637