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Lhasa Apso
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Lhasa Apso
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Please contact Hope ( for more information about this pet. THIS IS NOT A POSTING FOR A PET THAT IS FOR ADOPTION!!! THIS WAS JUST THE ONLY WAY I COULD PUT A COPY OF MY ADOPTION APPLICATION AND CONTRACT ON HERE. SO AGAIN THIS IS NOT A PET FOR ADOPTION. (SORRY FOR ANY CONFUSION). ***This is STEP 1*** Hope Orphaned Pets Everywhere Phone(423) 296-1683 Email: Adoption Application for Helping Orphaned Pets Everywhere (H.O.P.E.) Applicant: ____________________________________ Phone Number: _______________________________ Address: _____________________________________ Cell Phone Number: ____________________________ Email Address: ________________________________ Applicant’s Employer: ___________________________ Phone Number: ________________________________ 1. Name of pet you wish to adopt: ________________ 2. Who are you wanting to adopt this pet for? _______ 3. Do you rent or own your place of residents? ______ If you rent, what is your landlords name and number: _________________________________________ 4. Do you have any pets now? Dogs: _________ Cats: _________ Other: _________ 5. If applicable, where do your current cats or dogs live? Check ALL that apply: Inside_____ Outside_____ Fenced yard_____ Outdoor Kennel/Cage_____ Garage_____ Chain_____ 6. Have any of your pets died, or ran away recently? _____________________________________________ If so, what happened and to whom? _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ 7. If applicable, please list all of your pets (past and present) you have had in the last 10 years: 1. Name: ______________________ Sex: ________ Age: _______ Spayed/Neutered? __________ 2. Name: ______________________ Sex: ________ Age: _______ Spayed/Neutered? __________ 3. Name: ______________________ Sex: ________ Age: _______ Spayed/Neutered? __________ ***Note: Use the back of this page to list additional animals.*** 8. How many adults are in the household? _________ Children? __________ Ages? ____________________ 9. Who will be responsible for caring for this pet? ____________________________________________ 10. Are you willing to take responsibility for this pet for the rest of his/her life? (Some pets can live 18+ years!!!) Please check one: YES ______ NO ______ 11. Who will care for this pet when you go on vacation? _____________________________________________ 12. (DOG ONLY) Do you have a fenced yard? _________ What type of fence? _________________ If you do not have a fence, how will you keep the dog safe outdoors? _______________________________ 13. (CAT ONLY) Will you declaw? _______________ 14. Where do you plan for this pet to live if you adopt him/her? Check ALL that apply: Inside_____ Outside_____ Fenced yard_____ Outdoor Kennel/Cage_____ Garage_____ Chain_____ 15. Veterinary Reference and Confirmation: Name in which your current pet(s) records are under: ___________________________________________ Name of Veterinarian for current pet(s): ___________________________________________ Name of Animal Hospital:___________________________________ Address:___________________________________ __________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________________ ***Please note*** This pet MUST come back to ME if you cannot keep him/her. You may ask others if they would be interested in adopting this pet, but YOU must contact me FIRST and I will make the dicision. Please understand, I only do this to keep the pets safe and healthy. Signature of applicant: _________________________________________ Date: ___________________ H.O.P.E. (I will check one)› Approved _______ Denied _______